Michael Roll Interviewed by Lou Bondi

In July 2007, Michael Roll was interviewed by Lou Bondi, host of one of the most popular current affairs and discussion programmes in Malta.
This interview was broadcast on Maltese TV in February 2009.

The broadcast was in English, and also included interviews with Victor and Wendy Zammit.

A theologian was interviewed, but declined to speak in English, preferring to speak in Maltese.

View the full interview with Michael Roll here (6 parts):

Headbanging with Lou Bondi
An English couple loses their 9 year old son to cancer. After his death, they ‘meet’ him over three hundred times. According to this man, there is nothing extraordinary or supernatural about this. What is extraordinary is that he believes scientists will soon prove how and why this happens. Forget God and atheism. This is the Third Way beyond death. Follow me on this journey into Michael Roll’s world of the undead.

Quite simply, this man believes that when we die our next stop is neither heaven nor hell. In this sense, he is not a “religionist”, to use his term. But for him neither does death signal the end of your existence. On the contrary, it is only the beginning of your journey for eternity.

For Michael Roll, it works like this. When the brain as an organ dies (along with the physical body) the mind migrates to another plane of existence which is invisible to most human beings on earth. With the onset of death your mind switches to another ‘frequency’ where you continue to live for eternity. Along with every other human being who has died since the beginning of time.

These living dead “are all around us, unseen and unsensed, operating on a different frequency”. As I was interviewing him, he claims, there were probably a lot of them around us. Why? Because they would be “terribly interested” in what we were doing.