Jeremy Paxman Tells the Truth About Sir Oliver Lodge

Britain’s Great War, At the Eleventh Hour - BBC One Television (Broadcast: February 17, 2014)
Jermy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman
Sir Oliver Lodge
Sir Oliver Lodge
This was Jeremy Paxman’s fourth and final episode of his series Britain’s Great War.

Paxman told how a medium contacted Sir Oliver Lodge, giving evidence that his son Raymond, who had just been killed, was still very much alive.

Paxman reported that the book that Sir Oliver Lodge wrote was a bestseller and it gave great comfort to millions of grieving people:

‘Raymond or Life and Death’ by Sir Oliver J. Lodge (1916) Methuen & Co. Ltd.

Incredibly, no professional wreckers were brought on to rubbish the very idea that any person could possibly survive the death of their physical body.

There was no sign of the “experts” - the psychologists Richard Wiseman, Chris French, or Susan Blackmore.

After this, Sir Oliver Lodge made a careful study of life after death as a branch of physics - natural and normal forces in the universe.
This culminated in his paper that he published in 1933, ‘The Mode of Future Existence’.
In this paper, Lodge gives a cosmological location for the so-called spiritual part of the universe.

In 1983, I made contact with the materialisation medium Rita Goold.
The astrophysicist, Professor Archie Roy, and I took part in experiments where we physically met the materialised Raymond Lodge.
Raymond Lodge materialised every time Rita Goold gave a demonstration.

Before I witnessed this experiment an important scientific exercise had already been carried out by Rita and her team to make sure it really was Raymond Lodge who was materialising and not an impostor.
They had made a tape recording of Raymond Lodge telling the whole history of his large family in great detail.
Thankfully, one of his sisters, Laura, was still alive.
Rita told Laura that she had come across this tape and wanted to know if this really was her brother Raymond speaking on the tape.
Laura confirmed that it was indeed her brother Raymond, and exclaimed, “Where on Earth did you get this?”

Michael Roll