Survival Physics

By Ronald D. Pearson (March 5, 2005; Updated 2013, August, 2014)
This article was published in Paranormal Review, the magazine of the Society for Psychical Research, October 2005, pp.11-18.
For more detail, helpful illustrations and the maths, see An Exact Classical Mechanics Leads Toward Quantum Gravitation - by Ron Pearson (1997, 2003, 2005).
Another article, Survival Physics: A Brief History (2004) summarizes the chain of events that led to Ron Pearson's development of Survival Physics.
Inflation and the Big Bang Theory
(August, 2014)
This article also summarises the solution to the problem concerning inflation. That no other solution has yet been found is shown from the following quote:
"In addition physicists do not understand how to end inflation - the so-called 'graceful exit problem'. If some kind of energy drives the exponentially expanding universe, what would make that field suddenly switch-off?"

This concerns the major false prediction of the big bang theory.
The quote is from Scientific American p.31 Aug. 2014 pp.27-33.
It is from an article "The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time" by cosmologists, N.Afshordi,R.B. Mann & R.Pourhasan.
The extract shows that, worldwide, no cosmologist has come up with a solution to the problem that arose in 1980.
If it had come from Stephen Hawking, it would be world news heralded as a major breakthrough!


From a successful attempt to solve a major problem in physics, known as the “Cosmological Constant”, a theory emerges in which true reality is provided by the “i-ther”, a background medium. This has a filamentous structure embedded in a self-creating fluid of primary particles according to the mathematics that provides this solution. It is speculated that the structure could have evolved intelligence over aeons of time so that the waves, also spontaneously generated, could be organised to create the impression that real elementary particles of matter exist, governed by four forces of nature. Mind has therefore emerged as a sub-quantum reality.

The theory then explains the “paranormal”, inclusive of survival as real effects.


It may seem strange to introduce cosmology into a theory of consciousness. However, it was a solution to an outstanding problem, known as the “Cosmological Constant”(CC), which led inevitably to a physical theory that made psi and survival of death appear as real phenomena. This result appeared as a prediction from a solution to this apparently unrelated problem in a physical science. Since no other solution to the CC has yet appeared the author therefore contends that this provides a greater degree of credibility than any theory aimed directly to explain the experimental evidence of survival.

This evidence, together with that of other so-called “paranormal phenomena”, has been building for over a century. Much of this experimental data has largely accumulated from the persistent efforts of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). However, no really adequate theory, arising from a base of physics, has yet been made available. This paper aims to fill the niche. It should help elevate psychical research to the status of a true science: defined as a balance between observation and a developing theoretical base needed to provide understanding. A theory can also help initiate new experiments. At present all evidence of a psychic nature, including the survival of consciousness, is discredited and ignored across all other scientific disciplines. This opposition is due to their postulate that mind is just brain function and nothing else. From this position all evidence to the contrary appears as a threat to be eliminated. Such an attitude can best be defused by providing a theoretical base appearing, from solutions to problems in physics that have baffled the experts, and which also extends physics to incorporate psychic phenomena.

The present study began in 1987, following private correspondence with the physicist and science writer, Professor Paul Davies, who kindly sent a copy of the “inflation” theory, originated by Dr. Alan Guth. It was his contribution to the Big Bang theory.

Inflation was postulated to allow the universe to arise in a gigantic creative explosion. This required the input of all the energy, later to condense into our universe, to be created from the void of nothingness. Then the creative explosion needed to stop after a minute fraction of a second but Guth’s theory is unable to switch it off. The result is the prediction of a continuing expansion of the universe at an absurdly high rate and is known as the problem of the cosmological constant (CC).

Indeed the physicist and Nobel laureate, Steven Weinberg (1989) wrote:
“The cosmological constant represents a veritable crisis for physics”.

Guth’s theory was later published within “The New Physics” pp 57-59 edited by Davies (1989) and this included the maths.

Another matter is that physicists in their search for a “Theory of Everything” are largely converging on what is known as “String theory” written in eleven dimensions of space and time. One advocate, Dr Brian Greene (1999), in his book about superstrings, devotes a few pages to this CC problem and, on page 225 admits string theory is incapable of providing a solution.

In 2005 the situation remains unchanged even though this author published a solution for the CC at a Russian conference in 1993 and later in 1997 in “Frontier Perspectives”. This can also be accessed on the CFPF website.

By mid 1988 the developing solution was also suggesting that consciousness could be a sub-quantum phenomenon with implications of immortality.


In 1988, however, Michael Roll met this author and introduced him to an overwhelming mass of evidence that suggested the prevailing scientific view could be badly wrong. Roll (2004) summarises this evidence and provides detail of the dedicated experimental investigation of psychic phenomena that was initiated by Sir William Crookes (1871) and followed by convincing repeats by other scientists. Since then valuable research by the SPR has continued, a most convincing set of experiments regarding mediumship being reported by M. Keen, A. Ellison and D. Fontana (1999) in their “Scole Report”.

Survival Physics is a “monist” approach with which SPR members may not initially empathise, since dualism seems to be favoured. It should be an axiom of good science, however, that all possible theories, whose logic cannot be faulted, should be studied to avoid the danger of consensus opinion leading away from reality.

At present a great reluctance is apparent among psi researchers to consider such phenomena as aspects of quantum physics. Indeed many quantum physicists share this opinion. For example Polkinghorne (2002) warns against such attempts. He argues this on the very reasonable grounds that the theory is confined to measurements made on matter. Quantum theory cannot, he argues, therefore be applied elsewhere. As will be seen in due course, however, there is another aspect he has not considered that overturns this objection.

Some physicists, ignoring such warnings as those of Polkinghorne, have made attempts to explain the survival of bodily death in terms of existing physics. One of these Goswami (2001) extends the wave nature of quantum theory to introduce the idea of consciousness being explained in terms of “possibility waves”. Professor Poynton (2003) gives a critical analysis of this approach and shows it to be generally unsatisfactory. He quite rightly makes the objection, “To most survivalists, this state of “possibility waves” with no self-reference would not count as the survival of human personality after bodily death.” Again this author is in full agreement with this critique but the same objection had already been removed as “Survival Physics” developed. (Pearson 1992).

Some SPR scientists presented other theories at a conference on 24 April 2004. Both Professors Carr and Josephson considered more higher dimensions and more mathematics would be required to provide theories that explained psi.

Survival Physics has a simpler basis, being confined to the common sense logic of Euclidean geometry with universal time, yet is still able to account for the prediction of future events. It is hoped that this approach will help trigger the paradigm-shift across all scientific disciplines that is so long overdue.

Until this happens and theoretical physics is extended to include survival and psi, all the evidence so painstakingly accumulated for over a century will continue to be discredited and ignored.

This is why the provision of a sound theory of survival, based on a revised physics, is of such paramount importance.


Contemporary physics is based on matter being real with multiple highly curved higher dimensions that are notional: they have no real counterpart. String theory is the latest example. These ideas have permeated into the public domain and also most other disciplines. In consequence people try to explain survival and psi phenomena in terms of other universes in other higher dimensions. Some say they live in dimensions orthogonal to ours.

It can tax the imagination to its limits when equations in mechanics are being formulated in only three dimensions. How then can there be adequate confidence in equations formulated in dimensions that cannot, without resort to analogy, even be imagined? This paper provides a study limited to three dimensions of space, plus universal time, to see how well current problems in physics can be resolved without resort to greater complication.

From the resulting logic it is argued that the base of Survival Physics is a real space. The word “space” conjures up the idea of emptiness: giving the impression that nothing is there. Hence this name will now be changed to “i-ther” to indicate that a single real background must exist to support the quantum level of possibly several interpenetrating universes that do not interact with one another.

Though confined to Euclidean geometry, the effects of Einstein’s “curved space-time” are matched as shown by the theory of Exact Classical Mechanics given in CFPF. Non-uniform i-theric density yields mostly identical equations and so gives strong support to the simple basis adopted.


Quantum theory relates to the sub-microscopic scale: to the mechanics of the atom. Here the component parts of atoms act in ways that seem peculiar to normal experience. Sometimes these “sub-atomic particles” act like little balls bouncing off one another. This shows their particle nature. At other times they act in a similar way to ripples on a pond emerging from more than one source: as interfering waves. This behaviour presents the enigma known as “wave-particle duality” that appears to confound the logic of common sense.

The quantum world therefore has an unreal quality giving the impression of being contrived. If so then something deeper that is truly real needs to exist for creating organised waves in such manner as to give the illusion, under appropriate circumstances, of behaving also like particles. This sub-quantum level, the i-ther, could not operate on wave mechanics, like that of the quantum world, since if it did an even deeper level would be needed to make its waves and the buck has to stop somewhere. So the i-ther has to be based on something closely similar to Newtonian mechanics. Furthermore, since higher levels originate from the level of i-ther, everything, including matter, must be constructed from the same kind of energy.

Survival Physics is based on energy being created, somehow from nothing, as in big bang theory. In the latter case, however, the creative explosion cannot be switched off: the explosion keeps on going forever to describe the problem of the cosmological constant. The new solution had to provide a switch off means or something equivalent.

Only one solution seems possible. Two kinds of energy need to exist that are opposite yet complementary: like the Yin and Yang of Eastern philosophy. One will be called “positive energy” and the other “negative energy”. (This has nothing to do with good or bad: nothing to do with positive and negative electric charge: energy is the building substance of the universe. In fact negative energy is derived by reversing the directions of the forces of action and reaction in Newton’s laws). A mixture of real particles, the “primaries” of both kinds, could cancel one another to leave zero energy: It is like adding +10 units to –10 units: the result is zero units: the nothingness of the void. Creation would be the converse case, like 0 units becoming +10 units -10 units.

Both creation and annihilation from and to the void are now permitted without violation of the well-proven law of physics, known as the “conservation of energy”. The next question to be answered is, “What circumstances would dictate creation or destruction?” The answer is that another law of physics has to be satisfied as well. An object in motion has “momentum”, something obtained by multiplying its mass by its velocity. Momentum has also to be conserved in any collision. Both energy and momentum have to be conserved simultaneously.

It transpires, from a mathematical analysis, that on average momentum considerations force energy gains to occur whenever two opposites collide. The positive primary gains positive energy and the negative one an equal numerical quantity of negative energy. Computations, however, show the creation rate to be so high as to result in a universe expanding far too fast.

Fortunately instability exists in the rapidly growing ball of fluid this creation produces and results in a solution of the difficulty so presented. The evolving seething mass of primaries then spontaneously divides into myriads of minute cells. In each, flows of primaries converge to a central point or line. Now the conservation of momentum dictates annihilation. Centres of annihilation appear spontaneously that form solid little spheres or long filaments. This annihilation cancels most of the creation and so reduces its net value to a level that can now become consistent with astronomical observation. A perfect solution to the problem of the cosmological constant has appeared from the mathematical logic (Pearson 1993 &1997).

No other solution has appeared, worldwide, over the last 25 years. So Survival Physics has already gained some credibility. Furthermore, the theory had predicted, by 1992, that creation was not totally cancelled by annihilation. Instead a minute net creation remained that caused the universe to grow at an ever-accelerating rate. This acceleration was discovered by the astronomical observation of remote supernovae as reported by Schwarzchild (1988). No other theory has predicted this and so further support is provided for Survival Physics. The theory predicts that the i-ther extends for 90 billion light years in all directions and this is the limit for application of the geometry. Beyond that nothing exists.

The annihilation centres within the i-ther, however, form a solid-like structure: a tangle of filaments and blobs. The latter form hubs from which multiple filaments could sprout to connect with other hubs. This structure occupies only a minute fraction of the total space occupied by the cells. So the solid parts are all immersed in a gas-like sea of breeding primaries that provide a source of power. Power could make it work like a machine, but the output can only manifest as waves.

Now the neural networks of our brains consist of cells called “neurones” having long “axons” that connect with axons of other neurons through switching devices called “synaptic junctions”. Very similar nets could be constructed from hubs and filaments. Over aeons of time it is therefore speculated that this structure could have evolved into a functioning net similar to those of our brains and also to the artificial neural networks that have already been developed by scientists such as Hinton (1992).

These have been shown to have memory and learning capacity: the prerequisites for intelligence and consciousness. Ultimately a conscious intelligence could have appeared, by a Darwinian-like evolution. This might be spread around in small patches, all joined by what could be seen as an amoral machine like matrix. Amoral since a machine can have no concept of right or wrong.

The scale of this i-theric structure has to be very fine, even as compared with the size of an atomic nucleus, and yet must extend throughout the entirety of space. Its memory and computational capacity must be unimaginably huge!

This is admittedly the speculative part of the theory. If proved true by further research, however, then a means for the creation of matter will have become established. Matter, together with the four forces of nature by which it seems to be controlled, now appear as a semi-virtual reality: an illusion created by the mind as a habitat for itself. The four forces of nature do not really exist, for the reason about to be explained, but the explanation totally differs from those given by curved space-time or higher tightly curved dimensions.

The i-theric structure is able to automatically generate power everywhere since each cell acts like a little steam engine. The fluid of breeding primaries acts as the equivalent of a perfect heat source and annihilation at the centres of cells provides the equivalent of perfect heat sinks. These are the prerequisites of all heat engines of which steam engines are an example. The only way a power output can be expressed, however, is in the form of waves. These propagate through the fluid component of the i-ther, similar to the way sound waves propagate through air. These have to be intelligently organised by the i-theric mind in order to produce what we call matter, so some of the power output has to be used to drive the computational function of the i-ther (intelligent ether).

So now the reason why the quantum world has to operate on wave mechanics no longer seems so crazy: waves were the only tools available!

The required wave organisation involved the development of a number system for use in computation as a means for wave organisation. From experiments made by quantum physicists it appears that a very curious number system has been adopted based on imaginary wave interference patterns: abstract wave patterns used as we use numbers. These abstract waves complement the real ones by specifying where the latter have to be focused. To represent what we call a sub-atomic particle, such as an electron, some real waves need to be so generated that they focus at a chosen point. They can start from the surface of a small sphere and implode toward the centre .The waves concentrate as they close toward the focal point and cause a very high i-theric density to be produced: primaries are crowded together much more closely than normal. A density spike is generated rather like the peak in water level that appears just after a pebble has been thrown into a pond. The density spike, however, is of very short duration: it is a transient density spike. To give the effect of a particle travelling along it is therefore necessary to keep on making spikes one after another in a progressive sequence: the implosion points would look like a dotted line being generated. So the electron, or any other kind of sub-atomic particle, is now not a single object: it is a sequence of events joined end to end in time but not in position.

If two sets of sequences, representing two moving particles, collide, then new sets of controlling waves will instantly replace the previous set and alter both subsequent trajectories. The effect of particles in collision is produced. In this way the enigma of wave-particle duality is resolved.

Now electrons are designed for confinement to orbitals: the fuzzy balls about a nucleus that contain the clouds of electrons and make up atoms. So the abstract wave patterns, used as numbers, need to be bent into circles. So electric charge has to be specified as another kind of number, an identification tag, carried forward in the memory banks of the i-ther to identify the spike as an electron. Then other spikes representing protons of positive charge also have another and different number carried forward as well. This pair of numbers, specifying charge, then modifies the computation to bend the abstract wave pattern to form a sphere. The dotted line can now form circles, so maintaining confinement of the electron.

No real charge is needed, nor is a real electric force required. To have a real electric force would be as redundant as having belt and braces. Since magnetism is charge in motion, the magnetic force is also now seen as abstract. Since the strong nuclear force is only needed to stop protons flying apart due to the mutual repulsion of electric charge and the latter is abstract, so too must be the strong force. There is a weak nuclear force that governs radioactive decay. This involves W and Z “bosons”, the ephemeral projectiles that cause unstable nuclei to split and produce radioactive decay. These are readily generated at random as other density spikes.

So three of the four forces of nature can be explained as abstract: they are not real forces. Only the fourth force of nature remains: the force of gravity and this also could be abstract like the other three.

Now, however, a complication appears because an effect matching the predictions of Einstein’s “curved space-time” needs to be included when exact predictions of the theory are required. The difficulty, however, is readily disposed of.

The real waves that are imploded to create the spikes representing sub-atomic particles cross over the focal point and then spread out again ultimately to infinite distance. A large object, such as a planet, is the source of huge numbers of such waves and all combine as they spread. Further extension of the theory has shown that these waves act to stimulate an excess creation within the i-ther and so locally increase its density. This excess reduces with distance as the waves spread. So densities are greatest near to stars and planets and reduce as distance from them increases. These density variations have almost identical effects to Einstein’s curved space-time. Indeed, a classical theory of gravity, based on such a density variation, was presented in Russia (Pearson 1991). A more complete version can be downloaded from website CFPF showing that ECM theory is fully quantum compatible.

The need to generate density gradients of the i-ther, by real quantum waves, also shows that real waves have to be generated in addition to the abstract ones used as numbers for their organisation.

Another important feature is that annihilation filaments will comprise a mix of positive and negative mass densities, so that their sum is zero. Zero density is the condition for propagation of information at infinite speed. This suggests a mechanism for explaining non-locality and telepathy. Information could therefore be transmitted instantly from any point in the universe to any other. It means that all the information about everything that is happening, everywhere in the whole universe, is instantly available at every place. Every mind therefore needs to be protected from information overload by being surrounded by a very effective information filter-barrier programmed by the i-ther within its computer-like structure.

The propagation of information is no longer limited to the speed of light, as in relativity. However, some experiments in remote viewing can be interpreted as suggesting that information can travel faster than this limit.
Edwin May described some remote viewing experiments at an SPR study day held on 24 April 04 and appeared later in the Paranormal Review (2005). It concerned the remote viewing of Jupiter’s moon Io.

This moon was watched as it disappeared into the shadow of that planet. There were 15 trials accurate to 10 seconds for the time Io vanished. But this happened 40 minutes later as viewed from Earth by telescope.

Then May advances the hypothesis that the time difference might be explained by precognition and suggests that a new kind of space may be involved.
There is, however, another possible explanation. As the Earth and Jupiter move in orbits their distance of separation varies from a maximum of 967.8 Mkm to a minimum of 588.8 Mkm. Even at greatest separation the time taken for light to travel at 0.3 Mkm/s works out at 53.8 minutes. Therefore the maximum travel time for telepathy was 53.8 – 40 = 13.8 minutes and its corresponding speed then becomes 1.17 Mkm/s or 3.9 times the speed of light.

Survival Physics predicts telepathy to propagate at an infinitely high speed and would correspond with a separating distance of 720 Mkm.

If May had included the dates at which the viewings took place, then an astronomer could have provided the Earth-Jupiter separating distance. This could then have been compared with the value given here.


Emma Heathcote-James (2004) publishes a very accessible summary of experiences supporting the hypothesis that consciousness survives death and includes a small part of Survival Physics as a supporting theory. This, however, is only one aspect of the subject. Survival Physics is able to explain almost the entire spectrum of the so-called paranormal as real phenomena. The need no longer exists to resort to fraud or delusion: as stratagems to explain them away.

Contrary to some hypotheses, electromagnetism is not involved.

Telepathy only requires the information filter barriers of two people to contain controlled leaks. Then information from one brain can be transmitted, instantly, via the i-theric structure from one conscious brain to the other. Mental mediumship is similar but the brains reside in different parallel universes, though connected by a common i-theric structure. Physical mediumship needs an extra feature. Locally extracted matter is mixed with that of the next parallel universe to make a temporary interfacing substance able to connect with both matter-systems. Then unseen and untouchable forms become visible and can interact with us until the mix decays.

Remote viewing can be explained by training the mind to carefully open up a small leak in the information filter-barrier that lets through a very small part of the information streaming in from all over the universe. By concentration this leak can then be interpreted by the subconscious i-theric mind as a view of the target object. This is then passed on to the brain. Alternatively the brain itself might do the interpretation. Alternatively a copy of the i-theric mind might disengage from the brain, that it normally surrounds, and travel to the target. This seems very possible since viewers say they can move around to view the subject from different angles.

In the same way out of body experiences seem best explained by the i-theric mind disengaging to travel independently for a short time before returning.

Near death experiences cannot be explained by endorphins or other chemicals being released to cause hallucinations as certain sceptics suggest. This cannot be correct because at these times no brain activity has ever been measured. The i-theric mind awakes temporarily, takes over and moves out of register with the brain.

Divining requires the same controlled leak as required for telepathy and the i-ther has information concerning any water or ore deposits stored in its memory banks. The sensitive reads these memories directly.

The i-ther can also act as a powerful computer to predict what is likely to happen in the future based on present trends, just as weather forecasts are made by our supercomputers. Again the sensitive reads the memory banks.

Some predictions of the far future could be the deliberate intentions of the i-ther that ensures they really do occur. Again these intentions are stored in the memory banks and can be read by sensitives. There is no need to have something existing outside space and time or for a timeless “now” to prevail. The latter concept, quite prevalent, is impossible to reconcile with mechanics. Furthermore it would make existence totally meaningless since every thought and action would be preordained. Free will could not exist and there would then be no value in life at all.

The psychologist Dean Radin (1997) reports some interesting experiments. Subjects were fitted with electrodes to monitor their skin conductance. They were asked to watch a blank computer screen, which displayed randomly selected photographs 5 seconds after they pressed a button. Each photo was designed to provoke either a calm or emotional response when it was observed, and the expected reactions were indeed observed. The surprising discovery was that responses also appeared several seconds before the photos were observed, in alignment with the calm or emotional nature of the photo.

Some have suggested time must be able to go in reverse but Survival Physics offers a less bizarre explanation. The subconscious mind is of the i-ther: not the brain. The i-ther is aware of everything but the filter barrier normally prevents direct access by the brain. The controlled leak, however, allows transmission of the emotional response from the subconscious to the brain before the eyes register the scene.

Sometimes people experience a so-called “gut reaction”: a warning of some immediate danger. Again the subconscious i-theric mind, directly connected to everything else, is able to transmit an emotional response via a leak in the filter-barrier.

Psycho-kinesis becomes explicable since the i-theric subconscious mind is in control of matter. Direct movement of objects is, however, suppressed by an inhibition routine as otherwise the illusion of matter being real would be destroyed. Some people can, to a limited degree, override this inhibitor.

This author has only witnessed one such event and this occurred about autumn 2003. My wife and I were sitting watching television when suddenly an ornamental plate fixed vertically on a stand started to move. Nothing was in any state of vibration to cause this. The plate slid forward on its table where it had remained for years. It moved some 20 centimetres to the edge, fell to the floor and the stand flew about two metres. A message flashed into my mind at this instant, “Stop blocking the plan”. I had been resisting allowing Emma the use of my copyright for her new book when unable to attract a publisher for my own.

The event may have been the action of my own sub-conscious mind or associated with a shadowy form both my wife and I occasionally encounter briefly in our hallway.

Healing can be explained by direct action of the i-ther. However, being amoral and machine-like, except where minds reside as more sophisticated structures, the i-ther needs to be activated by the will of a conscious mind. The i-ther has the correct structure of healthy cells stored in its memory banks and, by the programming desire of the healer, usually with help from a resident of the nearest parallel universe, provides the will needed to cause the i-ther to activate a correction routine. Here “nearest” means nearest quantum waveband since all parallel universes occupy the same space and so interpenetrate each other.

Apports are the most frequent paranormal phenomena to be experienced by this author. Some of these cannot possibly be explained away and occur once or twice a year on average. One most convincing incident occurred when the workshop door could not be opened. I had returned from lunch only to discover the lock was now jammed so that the key could not be inserted. There was no other accessible entrance. Eventually by probing the lock the obstruction was removed. The key was then inserted and the door opened. The block had been a spare set of keys that had been lost for several weeks. It was found to be hanging from the keyhole on the inside face of the door. No other rational explanation could have been provided.

This was another time I can recall a message flashing into my mind at the instant of discovery. This said,
“You have locked yourself out of Imperial College”.

I had just posted a letter to somebody there, but never received a reply.

Survival Physics explains the apport as follows. The keys are simply a wave pattern forming the key’s plan and programmed by the i-ther. Somebody in a parallel universe knows how to set in motion an i-theric sub-routine for copying the wave plan. This is read out at some chosen location. As this proceeds the i-ther has duplicate positions for focusing waves to make the density spikes we call sub-atomic particles. Then these particles, being energy spikes of the i-ther joined end to end in time but not position, have equal probability of appearing at the two places. So the original and its copy appear together each having only half its proper weight. Then when the wave function at the original position is deleted the key, now having its proper weight, remains in the new location.


Survival Physics emerged from a start made to solve the problem of the Cosmological Constant. The solution had an ultimate level of reality, the i-ther, formed from a mix of “primaries” some of positive and the rest of negative energy. They bred by collision so forming a new creation means. But then annihilation cancelled most of the creation still proceeding. This had led by 1992 to the prediction of a slowly but ever-accelerating expansion of the universe, something not discovered until 1998.

Since the solution demanded that kinetic energy be real, whilst in relativity theory it is illusory, a new system of mechanics had to be derived and was called “Exact Classical Mechanics” (ECM). Fully developed to include gravity, this theory was found to yield predictions closely matching those of general relativity. This gave credibility for the Euclidean geometry adopted.

The annihilation process created a complex structure of filaments and fairly round “hubs” that could be connected up in random ways. It was inferred that a neural net might have arisen, by evolution, to ultimately evolve a conscious intelligence. This was needed for wave-organisation to create the illusion of matter. A highly speculative part of the theory had been introduced but, if confirmed by further study, would provide a comprehensive physics inclusive of the “paranormal” and survival.


The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom: Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum phenomenon: Pearson (1997)
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An Exact Classical Mechanics Leads Toward Quantum Gravitation - by Ron Pearson (1997, 2003, 2005)
This pamphlet suggests that misconceptions in classical mechanics are responsible for blocking progress in physics. Refinements are described which spill over into quantum theory and appear to provide answers to vexed questions. For example, it leads to alternatives to both special and general relativity which match the achievements of both. Unlike relativity, however, the new solution is fully quantum-compatible, being consistent with the concept of the quantum vacuum.

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APPENDIX: How Mixtures of Primaries of Positive and Negative Mass Breed by Collision

A rigorous analysis has shown that primaries can only operate at very low speeds as compared with their ultimate possible value, if the formation of annihilation centres is to occur. Then the analysis can adopt Newton’s three laws of motion without allowing for mass increase with speed. Only breeding by two primaries in collision will be considered.

For a positive primary (no suffix) the force of action causes acceleration in the same direction.

For a negative primary (suffix n) the acceleration is opposed to the force of action.

Primaries can collide from any direction but from either object its partner will appear to be approaching at a relative velocity vr. The preferred frame of reference is taken at a point along the velocity vector so that the positive primary approaches at velocity vr*x. Then the velocity of the negative primary will be vr*(1 – x). from the opposite direction.
( The * means multiply by)

The momentum of the positive primary is p = m*vr*x

The momentum of the negative primary is pn = mn*vr*( 1 - x ) (i.e. same direction)

On collision Newton’s third law will apply that says that the force of action on one body is equal but opposite the force of reaction on the other body. Transient forces will act briefly for a short time T during collision and “Impulse” I = F*T.

Consequently the impulse applied to one is equal and opposite that on the other and impulse I = F*T = m*(F/m)*T = m*acceleration*T (Newton’s 2nd law)

Since acceleration*time = velocity increase it follows that I = momentum gain = Δp.
Two components of impulse need to be considered, Ix and Iy
Ix is parallel to the relative velocity vector and Iy perpendicular to it.
We assume Ix to be in the same direction as the positive primary of speed vr*x

So Ix will increase the momentum px and Iy adds a further increase to the resulting momentum p2 will be given by:

p2^2 = (m*vr*x + Ix)^2 + Iy^2 = (m*vr*x)^2 + 2*m*vr*x*Ix + Iy^2 [1]

The negative primary has Ix acting in the opposite direction and this is the same direction as it is moving.

Being of negative mass, however, this retards instead of accelerating its motion. Iy also acts opposite but is additive. Hence for the negative primary:

p2n^2 = (mn*vr*(1-x) – Ix)^2 + Iy^2 = (mn*vr*(1-x))^2 – 2*mn*vr*(1-x) + Iy^2 [2]

Now kinetic energy Ek = ½*m*v^2 = ½*p^2/m

Hence for the +ve primary the kinetic energy gain ΔEk = ½*(p2 – p1)^2/m [3]
and p1 = m*vr*x and so [1] & [2] yield:

ΔEk = vr*x*Ix + ½*Iy^2/m [3]

and similarly [2] & [3] yield for the negative primary:

ΔEkn = -vr*(1-x)*Ix + ½*Iy^2/mn [4]

Now the conservation of energy means these two kinetic energies, although of opposite sign, need to be numerically equal and so [3] & [4] need to be equated.

vr*x*Ix + ½*Iy^2 = -vr*(1-x)*Ix + ½*Iy^2/mn

And this simplifies to:

Ix = ½*(1/mn –1/m )*Iy^2/vr [5]

Substituting [5] in either [3] or [4] then results in the same equation:

ΔEk = ΔEkn = ½*(x/mn + (1-x)/m)*Iy^2 [6]

Equation [5] shows that Ix is always small and is zero if mn = m. In a balanced mixture the number having m>mn will equal those having m
Hence collisions of opposites create breeding but do not transfer bulk motions from one phase to the other.

No way of evaluating x has appeared but the preferred frame of reference will make the two relative momenta equal: then:

x = mn/(m + mn) [7]


I started with no intention of considering spirituality or the paranormal. I had found, in 1987, that physicists and cosmologists were making very bad errors in logic in the area of overlap between our disciplines and thought a little help would be appreciated. I started by pointing out the errors in the big bang theory, showing why it made a hopelessly wrong prediction. They were less than appreciative so I went into things to provide a flaw-free alternative. This meant having an ultimate reality made of opposite energies (like Yin & Yang).

Then I found Einstein's relativity theories could not fit in and had to derive an alternative before the theory could be finalised.

Briefly, Einstein started by making a bad mistake in postulating that the speed of light is a universal constant, the same for all observers. It then turned out that he had to make time a variable: hence his 'time dilation' and all the paradoxes this produces.

I found that when I fixed time as the universal constant, since it is a basic unit and speed is not, then the speed of light became the variable instead: light increases in speed as altitude increases. As a result clocks ran slower and lost time as altitude reduced. (Einstein's gravitational time dilation). Also, since mass increases with speed, deduced from E=mc^2, also derived without using Einstein, clocks lost time when accelerated to high speed. In fact the same end equations resulted so the new theory was supported by the experiments just as well as Einstein's.

But then I turned to his 'general relativity' that purports to explain gravity by a strange kind of geometry called 'curved space-time'. Again this looked all wrong and would not fit. But it seemed to me that if the density of the background medium (whose existence relativity rules out) reduced with altitude the same effects ought to result. The maths I produced showed this was the case. Again the end equations matched the data just as well as Einstein's but interpretations were totally different. For example, there was now a real force of gravity: not the illusion of GR due to geometry. And these features made my ECM theory totally compatible with quantum theory.

What astonishes me is that, despite admitting this incompatibility, theorists are still trying, since the 60's, to match up relativity with quantum theory to produce their holy grail of 'quantum gravity'.

ECM gives it easily as a consequence of starting with quantum compatible assumptions.

Unfortunately it is impossible to tell them since they refuse to listen and indeed the rejection letters I got, from trying to publish this alternative, all gave the reason that building on Einstein was mandatory: alternatives would not be considered.

However, the ECM theory allowed me to complete the solution to the big bang problem and this also resulted in the prediction of a universe in a state of accelerating expansion (1992). This was discovered in 1998 by astronomers who were and are still mystified. They put it down to Dark Energy with repulsive power, but admit to having no explanation. Instead they look in the wrong place for clues using 5 satellites (at huge expense).

But it was the filamentous structure of the background medium, the theory threw up, that was the most important. This led to the integration of physics with spirituality and the whole spectrum of the paranormal described in the second edition of INTELLIGENCE BEHIND THE UNIVERSE II, which I consider the main advance.