Alfred Russel Wallace Vindicated: UK TV: Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero - To Be Broadcast on BBC Two on April 21 and April 28 at 8pm

Bill Bailey - Jungle Hero
Bill Bailey Talking About Alfred Russel Wallace

The truth is now being told about Alfred Russel Wallace. To coincide with the centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace's death, BBC Two is broadcasting a two-part documentary about the co-originator of the theory of evolution. Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero is devised and presented by comedian Bill Bailey.

This broadcast should now lead to journalists to also tell the truth about Sir Oliver Lodge: That Lodge was the first person to send a radio signal, in 1894.

Both these great scientists have been written out of our history books because they both committed the same “crime”: they made a careful study of survival after death as something that is natural and normal, a branch of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
It will be impossible to block uncomfortable discoveries in subatomic physics for much longer.