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"The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death" by Michael Roll

"The Suppression of Knowledge" by Michael Roll

"Consciousness as a Sub-quantum Phenomenon" by Ronald Pearson

"We Cannot See Microbes Without a Microscope" by Michael Roll

"We can stop the Third World War, but only if we all fight very hard indeed" - E-mail to Jeff Rense (August 20, 2002)

"Why the World Needs Physical Mediumship Right Now!" - Ron Pearson's letter to Psychic News (November 6, 2002)

"A Creative Universal Structure" - Ron Pearson's letter to Nexus Magazine (August, 2002)

Blasphemous Libel - Letter to Dr Roger Berry (July 2, 2002)

Radio Broadcast - E-mail from Jeff Rense (April 4, 2002)

Does the SPR have a Corporate Policy? - Ron Pearson (August 13, 1999)

"Consciousness After Death?" - Letter from Prof. Preben Plum (October 12, 1996)

Letter from Prof. Abdus Salam (February 19, 1987)

"A Critique of Susan Blackmore's Dying to Live and her Dying Brain Hypothesis" by Greg Stone

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Scientific proof of survival after death has existed for over a century. The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom is working to increase public awareness of the existence of scientific proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies - irrespective of religious beliefs.

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Thomas Paine

"I never tire of reading Paine." - Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

"I consider Paine to be our greatest political thinker." - Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931)

The Thomas Paine National Historical Association

Thomas Paine - an engraving from 1793 by William Sharp after the portrait by George Romney from 1792

Thomas Paine National Historical Association

The first goal for this site is to become the largest single archive of works on or about Thomas Paine on the World Wide Web. The second stage will see it become the most comprehensive ie. it will ultimately include everything that Paine is known to have written.

The text of Common Sense can be found here.

The text of Rights of Man can be found here.

The text of The Age of Reason can be found here.


Related material on this site:

Kenneth Griffith's documentary on Thomas Paine - The Most Valuable Englishman Ever. Somehow, this documentary crept past the BBC censors and was broadcast in 1982. All requests to the BBC for a repeat have so far been ignored.

The Thomas Paine Society

Thomas Paine: Collected Writings

Survival Literature

Survival E-books

A collection of books about survival, available for download as ZIP files.

(ZIP format - What's that?)


There Is No Death

by Florence Marryat

Raymond or Life and Death

by Sir Oliver Lodge

Thirty Years Among the Dead

by Carl A. Wickland M.D.

The Voices

by Vice Admiral W. Usborne Moore

The Vital Message

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

People From the Other World

by Henry S. Olcott

Camp Silver Belle Booklet

by Lena Barnes Jefts

Thirty Years of Psychical Research

by Dr. Charles Richet (Nobel Laureate for Physiology, 1913)

From "Thirty Years of Psychical Research": CHAPTER III - ECTOPLASMS (MATERIALIZATIONS)

ECTOPLASM: A REPORT FROM EXPERIENCES - an article by John R. Crowley, which includes a report of an experiment, in which Richet himself materialized and demonstrated the qualities of ectoplasm. Published in THE JOURNAL OF RELIGION AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH (Volume 11, Number 2 April, 1988)

More e-books are available at: Survival e-books


Scientific Research

The Horizon Research Foundation

If the continuation of consciousness and the mind at a time when the clinical criteria of death have been met and the brain has ceased functioning can be proven through large scale, reproducible scientific studies, then this will have huge implications for society.

It would indicate that the mind/consciousness may be a scientific entity, which is as of yet undiscovered, but which is not produced by the brain and is hence a separate entity from it.

Conceptually this may be rather similar to the discovery of electromagnetic phenomenon in the 19th century or Quantum processes which could not have been reduced down to the science of their time, however they do exist and were eventually discovered many years after they were first proposed.

Not only do we now know that they exist but we currently use them in our daily lives for example when we watch television, or use the microwave oven. It may be that in the same manner, we cannot reduce mind/consciousness down to chemical processes occurring in the brain.

If proven it would also mean that the age-old philosophical concept of the 'soul' may be the same as the more modern concepts of mind/consciousness and it is this that appears to remain after death.

Helen Duncan


THIS WEBSITE tells the true story of a Scottish housewife who found herself in the centre of a WWII legal battle which ended with her brutal conviction of a 'crime' under Britain's ancient Witchcraft Act and jailed for nine months simply for falling asleep on request.

Her name was Helen Duncan and in every respect but one she was just a normal housewife and mother of six.

That single aspect that made her different from others and was destined to make her the confidante of wartime premier Winston Churchill and his colleagues is that she had the astonishing ability to bring the dead to life.

Mrs Duncan was a Spiritualist Materialisation Medium through whose ample body milky ectoplasm flowed and formed into complete human figures which could walk and talk and greet their living relatives with intimate secrets know only within their families.

This is the true story of a woman sent to prison accused of being a witch when she was a well-known and proven psychic. During WWII Helen's accurate 'death notices' were verified countless times. When she materialized the full form of a sailor with the name H.M.S. BARHAM on his cap, a ship, which the English government denied had been sunk; she was arrested and jailed as a spy and then a witch. Even after she was proven correct, she was held as a witch. Her story is still unfolding today and is documented here.

This web site is the OFFICIAL home for news about Helen and the attempts to clear her name. The British Society of Paranomal Studies has embarked on the legal efforts to have Helen granted a posthumous pardon.

Alfred Russel Wallace

A site dedicated to the life and work of the English naturalist, evolutionist, and social critic Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913)

"Truth is born into this world only with pangs and tribulations, and every fresh truth is received unwillingly. To expect the world to receive a new truth, or even an old truth, without challenging it, is to look for one of those miracles which do not occur"

(from an interview with Wallace published posthumously in 1913).

The Greatest Hoax

Jesus Never Existed - - For all who would struggle against the tragedy of religion

What they don't tell the children...


Once a particular Christianity - hierarchical and authoritarian - became wedded to the Roman state, it became a force of brutal repression. This so-called 'orthodoxy' suppressed and persecuted its 'heretical' opposition.


A triumphant Christianity was the active agent in destroying knowledge and access to learning. An ignorant and impoverished population was more readily subjugated by Princes of the Church.


The cost to humanity of fifteen centuries of Christian savagery - of hundreds of millions of lives brutalised and truncated, sacrificed to war, torture, pogrom, burning, pestilence and plague - is incalculable.


The Skeptic's Annotated Bible -

"For nearly two billion people, the Bible is a holy book containing the revealed word of God. It is the source of their religious beliefs. Yet few of those who believe in the Bible have actually read it.

This must seem strange to those who have never read the Bible. But anyone who has struggled through its repetitious and tiresome trivia, seemingly endless genealogies, pointless stories and laws, knows that the Bible is not an easy book to read. So it is not surprising that those that begin reading at Genesis seldom make it through Leviticus. And the few Bible-believers that survive to the bitter end of Revelation must continually face a disturbing dilemma: their faith tells them they should read the Bible, but by reading the Bible they endanger their faith.


The most popular solution to this problem is to leave the Bible reading to the clergy. The clergy then quote from the Bible in their writings and sermons, and explain its meaning to the others. Extreme care is taken, of course, to quote from the parts of the Bible that display the best side of God and to ignore those that don't. That this approach means that only a fraction of the Bible is ever referenced is not a great problem. Because although the Bible is not a very good book, it is a very long one.


The Skeptic's Annotated Bible attempts to remedy this imbalance. It includes the entire text of the King James Version of the Bible, but without the pro-Bible propaganda. Instead, passages are highlighted that are an embarrassment to the Bible-believer, and the parts of the Bible that are never read in any Church, Bible study group, or Sunday School class are emphasized. For it is these passages that test the claims of the Bible-believer. The contradictions and false prophesies show that the Bible is not inerrant; the cruelties, injustices, and insults to women, that it is neither good nor just."

Internet Radio

The Jeff Rense Program

Talk Radio - Over 7 million hits a month - Top .001% Of world websites - presented by Jeff Rense


Radio Out There

Alternative News and Views - presented by Australian broadcaster, writer and producer, Barry Eaton


Radio Nexus

RadioNexus is produced and presented by Barry Eaton

NEXUS is an international bi-monthly alternative news magazine. NEXUS Magazine is not affiliated with any political, religious or spiritual groups or organisations, and has been published since 1986.


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