Dr Sam Parnia - The man who Could Bring you Back From the Dead - The Observer (April 6, 2013)

Sam Parnia – the man who could bring you back from the dead - by Tim Adams

Sam Parnia
Sam Parnia, MD, PhD is founder and director of the Human Consciousness Project at the University of Southampton, England, and Director of Resuscitation Research at Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

From the article by Tim Adams:

The Lazarus Effect is nothing short of an attempt to recast our understanding of death, based on Parnia's intimate knowledge of the newly porous nature of the previously "undiscovered country from which no traveller returns". His work in resuscitation has led him logically to wider questions of what constitutes being and not being. In particular, he asks what exactly happens, if you are lying dead before resuscitation, to your individual self and all its attendant character and memories – your "soul", as he is not shy to call it – before it is eventually restored to you a few hours later?

This article in The Observer is significant, as it would appear to confirm that Sam Parnia is getting more support for his work on the scientific study of consciousness now he is in the USA than he got in England. Not so long ago, if this non-religious man had dared to support the idea that we have a soul, he would have been viciously attacked by an army of “experts”, led by the psychologists Blackmore, French, and Wiseman. These “experts” have declared war on the Greek source of their word: Psyche = Soul. Their reputations stand on their materialistic position that life ends with the death of the physical body. This is quite simply false, as we all possess a soul that survives the death of our physical bodies. More and more people are now coming to accept this as scientific fact.

As Sam Parnia says, people do not so much have a “near-death experience” as a death experience.