Killing Mediums is a Heinous Crime Against Humanity

by Michael Roll

Mediums are nature's interpreters between those of us who are on Earth and people who are living in the invisible part of the universe.

At last the truth is coming out about the conviction of Helen Duncan as a witch in 1944. Yes, the truth is always more incredible than any fiction. This outstanding medium was convicted and imprisoned because the Witchcraft Act of 1735 was still on the Statute Book. It was not removed until 1951.

This outrageous nonsense could only happen in a Theocracy, a country where the Church and the state are established. Even today in Great Britain all the top positions are held by those who pretend they believe in Christian mythology. This in spite of the fact that the former Bishop of Durham, Dr. David Jenkins, had the courage to articulate the findings of every person who has bothered to make a careful study of the Christian religion that was formulated at the Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Christian era - that the whole grisly shooting-match is a gigantic hoax on the human race.

Helen Duncan is the English Joan of Arc. Again, the story of Joan of Arc is fact, not fiction. Like Helen Duncan, Joan of Arc was a brilliant medium. "Dead" French patriots told Joan when and where to strike at the English. It was solely because of Joan's mediumship that she ended up at the age of sixteen leading the French army to victory over the English. After her capture Joan of Arc was convicted by the Christian Holy Inquisitors of the Faith and burnt at the stake as a witch in 1431. In a way she was lucky because she did not suffer the usual punishment that was dished out by these Christian fanatics. Their favourite trick was to torture their victims to death and just burn the remains at the stake. This is in order to make sure heretics do not rise up on Judgement Day! This is what the priests did to William Tyndale, the man who translated the Bible into English. The priests knew very well that this would eventually be the end of them. Once people could read the Bible for themselves they would see immediately that it was no more the word of god than any other book that has ever been written.

The CIA and the KGB knew that it is a scientific fact that mediums are nature's links with people in the invisible part of the universe. This is why they used mediums to spy on each other during the Cold War. They reasoned that if it worked for Joan of Arc it could also work for them.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica tells us that God spoke to Joan of Arc! Even a cursory glance at the science of astronomy should make this writer have second thoughts about making such a stupid statement. There are more galaxies, star clusters like our Milky Way, than there are grains of sand on every beach on Earth. Would the creator of this universe, even if he, she or it existed, be the slightest bit interested in the antics of a bunch of brainwashed religious fanatics in France in 1431?

Working with a materialisation medium like Helen Duncan, I have taken part in repeatable experiments where I have physically met people from the invisible part of the universe. People that our ignorant ancestors mistook for angels, devils, gods, or worst of all, big daddy God himself! I have seen etheric people ride roughshod over our known laws of physics. I can tell you I am very glad I am fighting on their side and not against them. They may just stand back and do nothing when a tiny handful of people decide to hack each other to death with swords, but when it comes to destroying the planet with nuclear weapons that could be a different story. A born-again Christian has just been made President of the United State of America. This is very scary indeed.

Now that we have the scientific proof that we all carry on living after our space suit packs in, expedient politicians had better watch their step. The philosophers who teach survival after death have been proved correct -
"As you sow, so you will reap"

There is a very good reason why the Christian priests hate mediums so much. Whenever we speak to people in the "next world", through mediums, the message is always the same, it never varies. It makes the priests redundant:
"There is no place here just reserved for Christians or anybody else, we all survive the death of our physical bodies."

King James 1 was a victim of priestcraft, he actually believed the priests when they conned him into thinking that it was witches that caused the storm in the North Sea that nearly killed him. This is why he wrote this crazy passage in the King James Bible in 1611:
Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."
Exodus 22;18

The murdering of mediums was purely a Renaissance phenomenon. It had suddenly dawned on the Vatican just how dangerous they were to the supernatural doctrines and dogmas of the Christian religion. Reference, 'A History of Christianity' by the Roman Catholic historian Paul Johnson. (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1976)

Even today the law of Great Britain still demands that our children are taught that this evil rubbish is the wish of the creator of the universe. This is not only criminal deception, it amounts to nothing less than mental child abuse and this should carry exactly the same penalty as physical child abuse.

Helen Duncan was killed by the Inquisitors Of The Faith in 1956. She died as a result of injuries received following a police raid in 1956.