Letter from Journalist Garry Bushell to Michael Roll (August 22, 1991): JAMES RANDI: PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR

The Sun
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Dear Michael,
Thanks for your latest letter. Believe it or not, I have been trying to get more about your case in the paper, albeit unsuccessfully so far. I don't pretend to know anything about sub-atomic physics, but I am intrigued by your arguments & believe you should be allowed to state your case publicly, even if it is then knocked down. I am open-minded on the subject & think many people would be fascinated by it.
As the Randi series is now ending, it seems unlikely that I will get anything in The Sun, but I do have access to other platforms - for example the MENSA magazine. Perhaps I can persuade them to run something. If Britain's brightest minds can't countenance a controversy, there is no hope for us!
Best wishes

Gary Bushell (1991-08-22)

Garry Bushell is an English journalist, television presenter, author, and political activist. He also sings in the Oi! band The Gonads and manages the New York City Oi! band Maninblack. He has campaigned for an English Parliament, and for a statue of Benny Hill.

Article in The Sun, August 8, 1991

Last night's verdict
IS James Randi losing touch? I mean to say - dowsers? Is he sure?
Unless you were stranded in the Sahara, could you care two hoots about some wally strolling around with his stick twitching?
We then got a bloke who reckoned he could detect zinc, someone who knew which parts of the studio were bad for your health (the bits nearest to Randi when the Doris Collins Fan Club get hold of him, I reckon).
None of it was remotely as interesting as the subjects Randi hasn't tackled yet - like crystal ball merchants or tarot card readers.
Or more tellingly those scientists who claim there is a rational case for belief in life after death.
Why have their arguments been kept off TV? I hear that comments from astro-physicist Sam Nicholls were cut from the show on mediums. Why?
Could it be that Randi, real name Randall Zwinge, a conjurer and escapologist, is only interested in easy targets?
The only "other side" the great ham makes me reach for is MTV.
Garry Bushell

The Sun (1991-08-08)