We Cannot See Microbes Without a Microscope

By Michael Roll

In 1874 Sir William Crookes published the results of his experiments that he carried out after working with a materialisation medium. He actually proved survival after death with repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions. In 1882 Sir William and his fellow scientists started the Society for Psychical Research in order to carry on this vital work - working with mediums, nature's interpreters between people on Earth and those who are living in the invisible part of the universe.

Every scientist knows that if we are going to study anything that is beyond our five physical senses we have to work with an instrument. For example, we can't see microbes without a microscope or television signals without the medium called a television set. At the moment the only way we can contact people in the invisible part of the universe, where all five of our physical senses are working, is by working with a human materialisation medium.

This proof that we all possess a soul and survive the death of our physical bodies makes a complete nonsense of the model of the universe as taught by orthodox scientists throughout the world. Adrian Berry, the science correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, sums up the attitude of all those who have a great deal to lose when the truth eventually breaks through:
"Few subjects infuriate scientists more than talk of paranormal phenomena because if confirmed the whole fabric of science would be threatened."

It also takes away the monopoly the priests now enjoy on the lucrative life after death industry. The Society for Psychical Research has been infiltrated and taken over by religionists and orthodox scientists. The very people who have a great deal to lose immediately millions find out that the subject of survival is a legitimate branch of physics - that we are dealing with natural forces in the universe.

For many years the Editor of the Journal of the SPR has been a psychologist from Edinburgh University - Dr. John Beloff. This quote taken from his book shows why the work of scientists who support our pioneers of radio and television is never published in SPR literature:
"Many parapsychologists believe (mistakenly in my view) that paranormal phenomena are all potentially explicable in terms of some principle of physics that has yet to be clarified - usually some of the more paradoxical implications of modern quantum theory are invoked to provide an answer."
Parapsychology: A Concise History (Athlone Press) 1993 ISBN 0 485 12096 8

The tragedy is that Dr. Beloff was also in charge of setting up The Arthur Koestler Chair at Edinburgh University. Money had been left by this science writer to carry on his work linking so-called paranormal phenomena with subatomic physics as set out in his book 'The Roots of Coincidence' 1972 (Hutchinson). I have been pointing out to Professor Robert Morris, who has held this Chair since 1985, that his students' reading list is a joke. Apart from this Koestler legacy huge amounts of money have been given to psychologists who can be relied upon to play the establishment game, not to work with mediums. £150,000 to Dr. Richard Wiseman and £60,000 to Dr. Susan Blackmore who have started from the base that death is the end of everything.

Professor Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona has published the results of experiments that he has recently carried out with mediums. This has really put the cat among the pigeons because this is work that members of the Society for Psychical Research should have been carrying out for the past 100 years. Now we can understand why the current President of the SPR, Professor Bernard Carr, censored my paper that I had prepared for the 1999 International Conference. It tells how mothers have been physically reunited with their "dead" children during repeatable experiments using a contemporary materialisation medium. But most of all we can understand why this professor of physics censored Ronald Pearson's scientific paper that supports Sir Oliver Lodge's thesis that what has been known as psychic phenomena is in fact all explained in the scientific discipline called Quantum Mechanics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

Uncomfortable discoveries in physics that prove we all survive the death of our physical bodies are being deliberately blocked from even coming to the attention of people in Great Britain for them to accept or reject as the case may be. This is solely to keep the old-boy network ticking over nicely. However, the Internet is getting over this problem and radio presenters in the USA are not frightened to present the secular case for survival.