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Letter from The Law Commission to Michael Roll, June 22, 1982
Comment by Michael Roll:

To all those fighting for philosophical freedom in Great Britain

Those on the Law Commission know what we know: That we are not a free country all the time the Church and the state is established. Unelected bishops in the House of Lords can frame our laws! This is why the Law Commission has recommended that the common law offence of blasphemous libel be abolished. This is not about stopping people saying nasty things about Christian believers--if it was, the Law Commission and I would not be fighting to have it abolished.

This law is very sinister indeed, it is so worded that no intellectual criticism of any aspect of the Christian religion is allowed, not even to tell the true history of the religion--the infamous Childrens' Crusade etc--all on the grounds that it is against the law to say anything that may upset Christians. Mrs. Thatcher's Government and now John Major's Government are all Christians and they flatly refuse to act on the recommendation of the Law Commission. Please help to break this tyranny.