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Recommended Publications


Alan Pemberton: The Science of Eternity

Michael Roll: The Secular (Non-Religious) Case For Survival After Death


Freethinker Magazine

Thomas Paine Society


Arthur Findlay: The Curse of Ignorance

Thomas Paine

Ronald Pearson

Michael Roll: "A History of Christianity" - A Page-by-Page Criticism of Paul Johnson's Horror Story

James Webster

Emma Heathcote-James - "They Walk Among Us"

Gwen Byrne: Russell

David Hodges: Do We Survive Death?

Gary Schwartz: The Afterlife Experiments

Poul Blak: Løft låget - og tænk livet om

Margaret Prentice: Richard, Spirit and I

Oliver Lodge and the Invention of Radio

David Jenkins: The Calling of a Cuckoo

Esther Kaplan: "With God on Their Side: How Christian Fundamentalists Trampled Science, Policy, and Democracy in George W. Bush's White House"

Gerhard Kraus: Has Hawking Erred?

Judith Chisholm: Voices from Paradise

The material listed here explores the subject of survival after death, and offers insights and information that complement the material on this site.

Whereas our Campaign books, pamphlets, and videos are available at cost-only price--in many cases published at the personal expense of the authors themselves--some material is only available from commercial vendors or publishers.

We nonetheless recommend this material here for the importance of its content.


Please note that the videos listed are only available in PAL format, unless otherwise stated. PAL format is not compatible with most video recorders in the USA. A list of countries that use the PAL system is here.

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