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Articles: Background

A Rational Scientific Explanation for so-called Psychic Phenomena

The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death

We Cannot See Microbes Without a Microscope

Discoveries in Physics Prove we Possess a Soul

Surviving Death is a Branch of Physics

Science Confirms Survival

The Suppression of Knowledge

Why Were Queen Victoria's Diaries Destroyed and then Rewritten?

Uncomfortable Historical Facts That we are Never Taught at School in the Theocracy of Great Britain

Appeasement has Destroyed the Good Name of Psychology

Genuine Goodness is Threatening to Those at the Opposite End of the Moral Spectrum

There is no Justice When it Comes to the Subject of Survival After Death

The Method of Presenting Survival After Death

David Icke: Destroyed on Television for the Second Time

A Critique of Susan Blackmore's Dying to Live

James Randi - His Amazing Role in the Great Psi Media Circus

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Articles about the secular scientific explanation of survival after death, and the work of the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom

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"Demonstrations of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and similar practices are acceptable only when they are clearly and explicitly presented as entertainment, or when they are the subject of legitimate investigation. Programmes should not be included at times when significant numbers of children are expected to be watching: for example, before the watershed on public service channels."

When science collides with the paranormal - Comment by Michael Roll about the article by Robert Matthews (Sunday Telegraph, September 14, 2003)

The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death Belongs to Every Person on Earth - E-mail from Michael Roll to Barry Eaton (April 18, 2003)

The Jeff Rense Program - Survival After Death as a Branch of Physics

Broadcast on March 18, 2003, Michael Roll, Prof. Peter Wadhams, and John Samson discussed photographs of materialisation phenomena taken by Sir William Crookes and others.

Linking Survival with Subatomic Physics - E-mail from Michael Roll to Prof. B D Josephson (December 11, 2002)

Open Letter to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (June 30, 2002)

Philosophical balance - Letter from Michael Roll to The Royal Society, April 26, 2002

Presenting the secular scientific case for survival - E-mail from Jeff Rense to Michael Roll and Ronald Pearson (April 4, 2002)

Is There a Widening Division Between Parapsychologists and Survivalists at the SPR? - Letter from John Samson to Victor Zammit, July 7, 2001

A philosophical balance in schools - Letter from Michael Roll to Estelle Morris, the Secretary of State for Education, written in June 2001.

Only the Physics Connection is Censored - Open letter from Michael Roll to Dr. (now Prof.) Peter Wadhams (March, 2001)

Failings of education - Letter from Michael Roll to Laurence Rees (August 8, 2000)

Scientific balance - Letter from Michael Roll to Lord Sainsbury, Minister of Science (September 8, 2000)

Consciousness After Death? - Letter to Michael Roll from the Danish psychologist Prof. Preben Plum (October 12, 1996)

Recording the proof of survival - Letter from Prof. Archie Roy to Michael Roll (August 22, 1983)