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Correspondence 1982

October 14, 1982

Letter from Professor Abdus Salam to Michael Roll

Abdus Salam was director of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. He received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979. Professor Salam was an active supporter of Michael Roll's work, and he made several financial donations to the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom.

Professor Salam's handwritten letter to Michael Roll reads as follows:

"You will be interested to know that officially, I have been already excommunicated from Islam by the orthodox priests in Pakistan. However I do believe in Allah and in worship - but as something personal and not institutional.
I hope your book is published. It's much needed - as much against Christian as against Muslim priests. How marvellous Bertrand Russell was to write on this subject."

Read the full text of the letter here (GIF file, 28KB).

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