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Letter from Preben Plum to Michael Roll, October 12, 1996

Psychologist Professor Dr. Med. Preben Plum was the foremost Danish researcher of after-death phenomena. He died early in 2002, aged 95.

Prof. P. Plum
2960 Rungsted Kyst

12th October 1996

Dear Michael Roll,

Many thanks for all the material you sent me today. I am of the same opinion as you, that the Society for Psychical Research is doing the wrong job.

In Denmark the situation is perhaps even worse. Our Danish Psychic Society does not do anything and spiritualistic societies are, as far as I know, not of a high quality in Denmark.

Our natural sciences are, as in other places, outspokenly negatively minded.

Now and then I am asked to give a lecture or to speak on the radio. I enclose a short extract of what I usually say for the moment.

I don't think we have any good mediums in Denmark just now. If I were a little less than 90, I would consider going to England.

Best wishes and thanks

P. Plum

Consciousness After Death?

By Professor Dr. Med. Preben Plum

Scientists believe that consciousness is being produced by the brain in the same way as electricity is produced by a dynamo and that therefore, consciousness has to disappear with the brain.

How does consciousness communicate with the surroundings? "By means of the five senses and the neuro-muscular system" is the answer you get from science.

However, it has always been believed and has now been proved that man can have impressions from the surroundings and is able to influence the surroundings by means of certain unknown and unexplained abilities. We know of these abilities that their function is independent of time and independent of distance, that about 50% of adults have had a few involuntary experiences of this kind, and that a very few persons possess them to such a degree that they are able to use them voluntarily. These very rare persons could be called psychic geniuses; their importance for the proof of the reality of the unexplained psychic faculties can hardly be overemphasized: They are able to prove their abilities by repeatable, controlled experiments and the whole of their lives is usually a continued demonstration of these abilities.

The most common unexplained sensory faculties are telepathy, clairvoyance, prophecy, psychometry and the most common unexplained "motor" abilities are the faculty to influence physical matter by psychic means, to produce instantaneous healings of organic disease, 'Poltergeist' phenomena, and spiritualistic phenomena. Other important phenomena to be considered are out-of-the-body experiences, near-death experiences and death experiences.

The literature is overwhelming and convincing; the author's experiments and experiences are modest and have been described elsewhere. They have led to the following conclusion:

Although our consciousness is being influenced by the condition of our brain, it has not been shown that it is produced by the brain in the way electricity is produced by a dynamo.

Comment by Michael Roll:

As all my work was censored by the religionists and materialists who control the Society for Psychical Research in Great Britain I was forced to write to all 1,000 members of the SPR throughout the world. This was just one of the many replies.

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