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Letter from Michael Roll to Prof. Peter Wadhams, May 24, 2002

Peter Wadhams is Professor of Ocean Physics, and Head of the Polar Marine Sciences Group in the Scott Polar Research Institute.

An experiment proving survival after death


arguably the most important scientific experiment in the history of so-called psychical research was carried out by a young journalist Alan Cleaver in 1982.

Only repeatable experiments with a materialisation medium can give the crushing proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies. All five senses are working at one of these experiments. The "dead" materialisation medium Helen Duncan, who was killed by a police raid in 1956, was fully materialising every time the medium Rita Goold gave a demonstration. Alan Cleaver, now the Editor of the Hampshire Chronicle (Tel. 01962 841772), arranged for Helen Duncan's daughter, Gena Brealey, to take part in this revolutionary experiment. Alan Cleaver's full report of this meeting between "dead" mother and daughter is on my website:

As you know my paper that I submitted to The Society for Psychical Research for their 1999 International Conference was officially rejected by Professor Bernard Carr and his committee which included Dr. Susan Blackmore, the world famous expert on the study of "paranormal" phenomena. Prof. Carr said,

"Your topic is not really appropriate for the conference audience."

I now reproduce the passage from my censored paper for people to judge for themselves if my "topic" is appropriate for delegates at an International Conference looking into life after death and related subjects:

Andrew Collins in his book 'The Circlemakers' (ABC Books 1992) tells the story of how in 1982 the journalist Alan Cleaver carried out the scientific exercise of getting Helen Duncan's daughter, Gena Brealey, to witness an experiment that was being carried out with a materialisation medium from the Midlands. The "dead" Scottish medium was materialising on a regular basis. There is no way a daughter could be taken in by an impostor impersonating her mother. Gena came away from this meeting fully convinced of the genuineness of this experiment. A complete account of this meeting between "dead" mother and daughter is given in issue 3 of 'Anomaly' the journal of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) in March 1987.

Nothing happened yesterday in the laws of physics that does not happen today. Our ancestors witnessed the same phenomena and jumped to the wrong conclusions. Hence all the dangerous and divisive religions that are tearing the world apart. All the religious killing with stop immediately people find out they are fighting over nothing whatsoever apart from ancient people misunderstanding natural forces in nature.

Michael Roll

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Alan Cleaver's report: In 1982, Alan Cleaver carried out a revolutionary scientific exercise that completely vindicated the pioneering experiments of Sir William Crookes and the Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Richet when they proved survival after death through repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions.

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