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Letter from Michael Roll to Steve Grenard, July 4, 2002

JREF Bonds and Bond Fraud and Scamming

Steve, many thanks for this. The staggering thing is that as James Randi is the front man for orthodox scientific thinking he is given total freedom of all media outlets and no qualified scientist is allowed to expose his so-called psychic challenge for the hoax that it is. This is the only thing that hurts, if somebody tried to silence Randi and Blackmore then I would immediately join their team and fight alongside them for their right to put forward their case that the mind dies with the brain.

Unfortunately nobody who controls mainstream media and educational outlets in the UK is prepared to let scientists who have started from the base of a separate mind and brain to even balance the case put forward by Randi, Blackmore and co. Where on Earth is the justice in this one-sided domination of the press, radio, television and educational outlets?

In 1991 Randi was given his own TV series at peak time to destroy the whole idea of what is known as psychic phenomena and survival after death. The only balance for this outrageous propaganda was a small review of Randi's series in The Sun on 8th August by Garry Bushell. He asked the question why haven't we heard from "those scientists who claim there is a rational case for belief in life after death. Why have their arguments been kept off TV? I hear that comments from astrophysicist Sam Nicholls MSc were cut from the show on mediums. Why?" For goodness sake, this tiny piece in the national press in 1991 is the only balance that has crept past the censors in over ten years!

On 22nd August 1991 Garry Bushell wrote to me thanking me for the information I sent him about the official censoring of the scientist Sam Nicholls. Garry goes on to say that he has tried to take the matter further but ran slap bang wallop into the block in the British press that makes sure the secular scientific case for survival after death never has any coverage whatsoever.

This is very serious indeed, solely because Randi's million dollar challenge is being used by orthodox scientists throughout the world as their crushing ace of trumps. They say that until Randi is forced to part with his money they will not take any notice of any claims that so-called paranormal phenomena exists. The public have no idea that Randi's challenge is a trick, the same as everything connected with this magician. When he first waved his cheque in the air I immediately claimed the money. I sent a cutting from the Daily Telegraph proving that so-called psychic ability exists. Professor John Hasted from the physics department at London University had carried out experiments with Uri Geller and 30 little children who had the same psychic gift as Geller. It's only when the money is claimed that the trick is exposed. Randi does not recognise the claims of independent scientists! We are all being taken for a ride.

"And this is how things will remain all the time good people continue to do nothing."

Thank you Jeff Rense, James Whale, Dave Barrett, James Stannage, Jenny Smedley, Barry Eaton. Media people with the courage to stand up and be counted.

But where are the rest?

Michael Roll

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