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Letter from Ronald Pearson to Nexus Magazine, August, 2002

A Creative Universal Structure

Dear Editor,

Lloyd Pye says that the proponents of "Intelligent Design" cannot explain the anomalies between species which he describes [9/04]. He certainly provides some interesting information, much of which is new to us, but he is quite wrong in his dismissal of our alternative explanation.

This arose from a highly successful but suppressed attempt to solve a group of problems in cosmology. Theorists cannot switch off their 'Big Bang', so it remains as an embarrassing problem called the 'cosmological constant' which totally invalidates all the scenarios they present.

Then some stars seem older than the universe and gravity cannot be properly incorporated. We not only solved all these problems before 1990, but predicted that the expansion of the universe must be ever accelerating-something not discovered until 1998. The solution involved the introduction of "opposed energy dynamics", which shows that when an invisible background medium made of a mixture of minute particles exists, some made of positive and the remainder of negative energy, then creative properties appear from the mathematics. A structure very similar to the neural network of our brains appears.

Though unimaginably fine grained, this extends to the very edges of the universe. It has that potential to evolve a conscious intelligence and appears able to have created matter by the deliberate organisation of the waves it spontaneously generates.

Evolution has certainly occurred, but now seems more likely to have been like that of our cars: by the repeated design of new models based on experience of older ones. On this basis, the anomalies described by Pye become explicable without invoking aliens from outer space. The references on our website are backed by peer-reviewed scientific publications; see our website at

Ronald D. Pearson, BSc



Mention of was removed from the published letter.

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