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E-mail from Victor Zammit to Michael Roll, September 14, 2002

Dr Victor Zammit is a former Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia:

One of the greatest betrayals in the history of psychic phenomena

Hello Michael,

I totally agree with what you stated about one of the greatest betrayals in the history of psychic phenomena: the Arthur Koestler's Foundation betrayal! Arthur Koestler (himself a Jew - but renounced his Jewish religion) wanted the continuation into the research psychic phenomena and the afterlife. Instead the Trustee of Koestler's estate appears to have unfairly abused his power to make sure that no money will go into authentic psychic research. Since the origin of the Koestler Foundation alleged 'research into psychic phenomena' - after spending huge amounts of money, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has really been achieved. Inevitably, there must have been pernicious manipulation to make sure nothing will be achieved!!

There appears to be a colossal waste of resources to give the facade of psychic research but always making sure that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL BE ACHIEVED!!!

To those honest, decent minded people, the betrayal is absolutely disgusting, shameful and most heinous. With absolute certainty, a huge price will be paid by those traitorous 'trustees' who betrayed Koestler's intention. NO ONE ESCAPES THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. NO ONE!!!!

Those who wilfully indulge in the deliberate and cruel manipulation of circumstances to elicit and disseminate darkness will inexorably pay a huge price - one that we do not have the earthly language to describe the colossal negative and horrific consequences!! Beloff - appears to be in deep, deep trouble!!

We do not target Beloff because he is a Jew. But we target Beloff because his conduct shows he appeared to have betrayed the trust given to him. If he were the trustee of the Koestler Foundation, if he were responsible for preventing funding going to authentic psychic research, that would make him one of the most disgusting trustees who ever lived on this planet earth - and Koestler and his friends will have a field day when Beloff passes on to meet justice in the face moments he enters into the afterlife!!!

"Throughout his life Koestler had psychic experiences, though he maintained that he was not himself psychic, did not believe in "hidden wise men in Tibet", and never met Gurdjieff or Aleister Crowley. He established The Koestler Foundation, which exists to promote research in parapsychology and other fields. In his will Koestler left his entire property to found a Chair of Parapsychology at the Edinburgh University. Koestler's best-know scientific publications from the 1970s are ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE (1972), an attempt to provide extrasensory perception with a basis in quantum physics, and THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE (1973), where he related his study of coincidences to the 'synchronicity' hypotheses of Carl Jung and Kammerer, a zoologist wrongly convicted of fraud because he seemed to have discovered an exception to the rule, that acquired characteristics cannot be inherited."
From the Net on Arthur Koestler


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