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E-mail from Michael Roll to David Thompson, October 12, 2002

To the materialisation medium David Thompson

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for putting your cards on the table. However, I am very sorry that you and Colin Fry will not share your wonderful gift with every person on Earth - allow a sympathetic team of top scientists to capture on film recently deceased internationally famous people proving they have survived the death of their physical bodies.

We will just have to carry on with our search for another materialisation medium like Rita Goold who was outside of the religion of Spiritualism. Somebody who is prepared to dedicate their gift to bringing enlightenment to mankind on this planet. The same as Florrie Cook did with Sir William Crookes in the 1870's.

Surely you must realise how important this experiment is now that we have the mathematical back up that Sir William Crookes lacked? When the scientists publish this crushing proof of survival after death all the religious killing throughout the world will eventually stop. This will happen when people find out they are all killing over nothing whatsoever apart from mythology gone mad. When we have the proof of something there is no need for a faith or a belief system.

Yours sincerely

Michael Roll

We received the following e-mail on October 12, 2002:

Dear Mr. Roll,

It has come to our attention, that without invitation you have been encouraging members of the media to contact both myself and Mr Colin Fry with the view to us supporting your campaign for scientific investigation of the phenomena of communication through physical mediumship. I should point out this letter is being sent jointly by myself and Mr Colin Fry.

Colin has already made it clear that he has no interest what so ever in any form of co-operation with the scientific community and I wish to add nor do I.

We jointly find your aggressive and offensive attitude towards the Spiritualist community not in keeping with our beliefs, aims, and objectives.

We would like to further point out that our seances are not peep shows, they are not purely for the Spiritualist community but for interested individuals in search of the comfort of evidence of the survival of the human individual personality.

Surly you should understand the aggressive stance you adopt alginates the likes of myself and Mr Colin Fry from your aims and objectives. We would therefore kindly ask you to cease encourage members of the media and the scientific community from attempting to contact us in support of YOUR aims, You claim you run a campaign for philosophical freedom, it must be therefore just that, a freedom for each individual to seek and express his understanding of life after death, without others trying to force them along pathways they have no desire what so ever to travel.

Yours sincerely

Mr. David Thompson & Mr. Colin Fry

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