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E-mail from Michael Roll to Sam Nicholls, December 10, 2002

Sam Nicholls holds an MSc in Astrophysics from Leeds University.


We are very lucky to have this outlet to millions of people throughout the world via the Jeff Rense notice board - - We even have our own box on the Main Page.

I am sure this brave American broadcaster will be only too pleased to publish your account of the clash you had with this foreign magician James Randi. He and his supporters are always given total freedom on all media and educational outlets in the UK to attack arguably two of the greatest scientists that Great Britain has ever produced: The President of the Royal Society and holder of the Order of Merit, Sir William Crookes, and the inventor of radio, Sir Oliver Lodge FRS. No scientist, however well qualified, is allowed on media and educational outlets to balance these attacks.

Randi has openly made a fool of himself by publicly proclaiming that he has never used the word "scoundrels" to describe scientists like Crookes, Lodge, Josephson, Wadhams and Pearson who have had the courage to tell the truth and link the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics. "The word scoundrel is not in my vocabulary" claims Randi to his supporters across the Internet. Jeff Rense nailed this lie by publishing a transcript of the BBC Radio 4 broadcast on 2 October 2001 where a recording of Randi is played where he used 'Refuge of Scoundrels' on this programme that featured the Cambridge Nobel Laureate for Physics, Professor B.D. Josephson.

Randi is now denying openly that the Sam Nicholls incident took place at the Granada TV studios in 1991. This is spite of the fact that it was recorded for posterity by Garry Bushell in The Sun on 8 August 1991. Garry asks, "Why the comments from astophysicist Sam Nicholls were cut from the show? ... Could it be that Randi is only interested in easy targets?" Please wade in with your pen and put the record straight.

Jeff Rense has also featured what those in charge of the Society for Psychical Research have officially censored in the UK. The revolutionary article by Sir Oliver Lodge that he wrote in 1933 is on the notice board 'The Mode of Future Existence' - pure subatomic physics in simple layman's language.

Jeff has also featured the excellent scientific experiment carried out by Alan Cleaver where he physically reunited the "dead" Helen Duncan with her daughter in 1982. This was censored by the committee of the SPR when they rejected the papers that Ron Pearson and I had prepared for their 1999 International Conference. My paper included an account of how mothers has been physically reunited with their "dead" children on scores of repeatable experiments. Only Jenny Smedley of Taunton Television has had the courage to interview these mothers, Gwen Byrne and Pat Jeffery, in the UK. Pat had to fly to Holland in order to tell her story on mainstream TV! They are giving tremendous hope to other parents in the same boat. Please let me know if you can think of anything worse than losing a child.

Prof. Bernard Carr is now the President of the SPR. When he wrote to me in 1999 rejecting my paper he said, "Your topic is not really appropriate for the conference audience." He refuses to give me a reason why it's not appropriate. It's interesting to note that the world famous "expert" on the "paranormal", Dr. Susan Blackmore, was also on this SPR committee. I know this because she phoned me and told me she had censored my paper!

Sam, we also urgently need your backing for Ron Pearson's discovery of the structure of the ether that has already been peer-refereed and published by physicists at the Russian Academy of Sciences "Quantum Gravitation and the Structured Ether" and in the USA in the magazine 'Frontier Perspectives' at Temple University - "Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomenon".

Michael Roll

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