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E-mail from Michael Roll to B D Josephson, December 11, 2002

An open letter to the Cambridge Nobel Laureate for Physics, Professor B. D. Josephson at the Cavendish Laboratory

Dear Professor Josephson,

This reply from Professor Deborah Delanoy, the latest recipient of money from the Perrott-Warrick Scholarship, is very disappointing indeed. There can be no excuse for refusing to look at experiments. Even Dr. Susan Blackmore eventually changed her mind and asked me to include her in any experiments that are set up with a materialisation medium.

In science history keeps repeating itself. It was not only the priests who refused to look through Galileo's telescope in the 1600's, it was his fellow scientists! The Secretary of the Royal Society, Sir George Stokes, refused an invitation from Sir William Crookes to come and witness his experiments with a materialisation medium!

Professor Robert Morris seems to be turning out clones from the Department of Parapsychology at Edinburgh University. I warned him back in the 1980's that his students' reading list was a joke. The main trouble seems to centre around the word "parapsychology" invented by orthodox scientists who have started from the base that the mind and brain are the same and that we don't possess a soul.

All those who have started from the base that the mind and brain are separate, and that we do possess a soul, are 100% behind the Oxford University biologist Professor Richard Dawkins when he says:

"If supernormal phenomena were demonstrated to exist they would not be supernatural, but natural."

Experiments with materialisation mediums have proved that supernormal phenomena do exist, therefore we are dealing with a branch of physics - natural philosophy. We don't have to change any words, the university research departments are already in place - the departments of psychology. That is, if the psychologists do the correct thing and use their word as the Greek inventors intended - Psyche = Soul.

Yours sincerely

Michael Roll

From: Delanoy Deborah
Sent: 10 December 2002
RE: Money provided for research into life after death

Dear Michael Roll,

Today I received in the post further information from you about your work. In you cover letter you said you considered it "essential" that I take part in this research. It appears that my previous email to you did not make my stance on this sufficiently clear. In hopes of avoiding any future confusion, please be advised that I am not able to participate in your research. The reasons I previously provided to you for this refusal have not changed.

Yours sincerely,

Deborah Delanoy

Prof. Deborah L. Delanoy
Division of Psychology
University College Northampton

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