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E-mail from Michael Roll to Tony Ortzen, January 29, 2004

Tony Ortzen is Editor of Psychic News.

Dear Tony,

Many thanks for spelling out just how important it is for genuine materialisation mediums to allow scientists to film what happens when etheric scientists teleport recently deceased people back to Earth in order to prove they have survived the death of their physical bodies.

All that has to be done to start with is to invite qualified scientists to go in and witness repeatable experiments with night vision goggles. I am of course only talking about scientists with a track record of starting from the base that the mind and brain are separate, with nothing to lose from such revolutionary experiments. The safety of the medium must be number one priority at all times.

When this happens, those within the religion of Spiritualism, together with those who follow Arthur Findlay's secular approach to the study of survival after death, will be able to blow James Randi and his army of powerful materialists clean out of the water. However, more importantly, millions of grieving people will know what we know, that losing a loved one is only a temporary tragedy.

Very sincerely

Michael Roll

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The Curse of Ignorance by Arthur Findlay (1947), published in two volumes, and details of some of Findlay's other works.

This is the true history of mankind, totally different to the pack of lies taught in a country where the Church and state are established. This passage sums up just how badly the British people have been deceived:

"Such, however, is still [the Church's] influence that this book, which tells the story of the past honestly and fearlessly, will be kept out of our schools and universities by the authorities, and consequently, only in later life will those with enquiring minds discover the truth."

Findlay finishes with a call to the people of the world to throw off the shackles of priestcraft, to make a choice between two paths:

"One is the Secular way (non religious) and the other is the Theological (religious); one is the Democratic and the other the Despotic; one is the sane and the other the insane."