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Letter from Alan Valiant to Michael Roll, August 16, 2004

Author Alan Valiant brought to our attention an incorrect reference to him on this site as a "Spiritualist". We are happy to correct this error. A "Spiritualist" is an adherent of Spiritualism, a monotheistic (one-god) religion. A "spiritualist" accepts the reality of life beyond death. In his letter, Alan Valiant points out that he looks to not one, but three gods.

Alan Valiant
Author & Publisher
Cornwall, U.K.


Michael Roll


Dear Michael Roll,

It was with considerable disappointment that I read on the Internet your criticism of me and my work. Until now, I have been a supporter of you and your Campaign for Philosophical Freedom and have recommended you to my friends. In view of your false accusations, I can no longer endorse it.

1 I am NOT a Spiritualist, never have been and never shall be! If I must have a label, I am an independent psychic researcher.

2 It is obvious that you have not read the book that you are criticising because if you had, you would know that I do not claim to be communicating with the creator of the universe.

The book was written at the request of the Lord God who is featured prominently in the bible. The monotheistic theory is false. There are three gods in the spiritual world, not one. To claim, as you do, that I am most likely being given information by "a joker in the etheric world who is on an ego trip and is pretending to be the creator the creator of the universe" is childishly ridiculous. How can you, who claim to be a reasonable and rational man, criticise a book that you have not read?

Brother John made the same mistake when he published an article in the Psychic World entitled "Agents of God" in which he debunked my book, "My Conversations with Jesus Christ", He had not read it! After he passed on, he came to me and apologised abjectly for his error.

3 You deny me the same right as that for which you are campaigning, namely the Right to Philosophical Freedom. "By their works shall ye know them!" If you were to read my books I feel sure you would change your mind and retract your unseemly and unwarranted false statements on the Internet. If you continue with your present attitude to my work, you are, in my estimation, placing yourself in the same category as James Randi and Susan Blackmore are to Spiritualism, debunkers.

4 I respectfully ask you to withdraw your false claims about me and my work from the Internet.

Yours sincerely

Alan Valiant


Member of the Order of Supreme Initiates of Plane Six. Member of the Inner Circle of Philosophers of Plane Six.


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