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E-mail from Michael Roll to the New Scientist, August 28, 2004

To the Editor of New Scientist:

What a treat to see a feature on Sir William Crookes in a serious scientific publication (21 August) that did not refer to the former President of the Royal Society as a gullible idiot who was "dabbling" in the religion of Spiritualism.

As a student of philosophy I am only able to see the big picture regarding our place in the universe, but I feel it's a rational picture full of common sense. Let's start from the base that Sir William Crookes did discover a person who was very much alive and operating in the invisible part of the universe in 1874. Let's add to this Sir Oliver Lodge linking so-called psychic phenomena to the scientific discipline of subatomic physics. Please refer to his article that was published in 1933 and reproduced on my website

"The Mode of Future Existence"

My website is presenting the secular case for survival after death, that we have discovered people in the invisible part of the universe that our ancestors mistook for angels, devils, gods, or worst of all, big daddy God himself.

The Dark Matter that is causing the universe to expand is what religionists have been calling the "spirit" world and atheists refer to as the etheric part of the universe, the source of all energy, not a Big Bang at a single point in time. You mention Professor Paul Davies in another August publication. He was given a million dollars by the Vatican (The Templeton prize) to push their outrageous Big Bang theory. Surely the fact that Professor Stephen Hawking went to see the Pope must make alarm bells ring with you?

The Vatican is fighting with all their might to keep their lucrative monopoly on the life after death industry. They must stop the scientific proof of survival after death from reaching the public at all costs. This is why they are also pushing Einstein's hopelessly outdated Theory of Relativity which gives no hope of survival after death. It makes the priests, having faith, the only alternative. This is what Einstein thought about our great British scientists Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and Alfred Russel Wallace:

"I don't believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotism." - Albert Einstein, New York Time, April 19, 1955

Michael Roll

NB: It was Alfred Russel Wallace who coined the phrase, "The survival of the fittest", not Charles Darwin. Wallace and Darwin submitted a joint paper on the Theory of Evolution. Wallace and Sir Oliver Lodge, who invented radio, have been written out of our corrupt history books in England, where the Church and the state are still established, because they dared to tell the truth, saying that making a study of life after death must be approached as a branch of physics - natural and normal forces in the universe.

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