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E-mail to Denise Iredell, January 23, 2005

Survival or oblivion? Let's give people a choice.

Dear Denise,

As you know I am fighting a huge army of powerful obscurants who are doing everything they can to destroy the very idea of materialisation mediums and the phenomena that is produced when they demonstrate their gift.

You are one of the few people left alive who witnessed Helen Duncan's mediumship that gave such hope and comfort to people who had lost loved ones, especially as she was operating not long after the terrible slaughter of the First World War. Please be kind enough to put in writing to me what you said on the phone yesterday - that the red light that was used at a Helen Duncan experiment was bright enough to see all the people in the room including the expressions on their faces, that two "dead" people you knew very well fully materialised, a close family friend and a girl you were at school with.

Please don't let professors Richard Wiseman, Donald West and magicians like James Randi and Derren Brown have it all their own way. I need your statement to help me counter the appalling lies that are being spread by powerful forces that are out to destroy Sir William Crookes and his brave stand for scientific truth.

I will never forget how impressed I was when I attended a meeting of the Society for Psychical Research in the 1990s when you told all those gathered about your wonderful experience that proved Helen Duncan was not a fraud. Professors Richard Wiseman and Donald West are saying loud and clear across mainstream media and educational outlets that Helen Duncan was a fraud, without any balance from people like myself who also witnessed the same thing as you did with a contemporary materialisation medium called Rita Goold.

My contribution supporting Helen Duncan's mediumship was cut from the television programme that was shown on Sky One on 9 January 2005. No doubt this will now be sold to TV stations across the world and once again the public will only have access to just one "expert" opinion. The case for oblivion as put forward by messrs Wiseman, West and Derren Brown.

It's been a tremendous struggle to just present scientific support for materialisation phenomena that was pioneered by Sir William Crookes in 1874. My paper "A Rational Scientific Explanation for So-Called Psychic Phenomena" that was published in The Paranormal Review in October 2004 was only thanks to the efforts of the current editors of SPR publications Chris Roe and Nicola Holt, together with the support I have received from the new President, Professor John Poynton and the past President Professor Bernard Carr.

Qualified scientists who start from the base that we all survive the death of our physical bodies, a separate mind and brain, are still blocked from balancing Wiseman's case for oblivion on most mainstream media and educational outlets in what is meant to be a free country, but not for much longer. The secular case for survival after death is on my website and it's receiving millions of hits. It can't be long now before public opinion demands that the thoughts of Richard Wiseman are balanced on television programmes with scientists who support mediumship - professors Josephson, Roy, Poynton, Fontana, Wadhams, and other experts on the subject like doctors Fenwick and Parnia to name just a few.

Very sincerely

Michael Roll

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