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Discoveries in Subatomic Physics Completely Vindicate the Bishop of Durham

In the I98O's the former Bishop of Durham, Dr. David Jenkins, started a thinking revolution in the Church of England. He was the leading academic in the Anglican hierarchy.

Dr. Jenkins had the courage to articulate what many within the Christian community had been thinking for a number of years - that the ancient doctrines and dogmas of the Christian religion were in urgent need of updating. For daring to tell the truth this Ieading prelate came under a vicious attack from the conservative clergy. Headlines appeared in the national press as follows:

''For God's Sake Shut Up!"

Let's examine exactly what Dr. Jenkins had said that caused such consternation among the "defenders of the faith". He said there is no question of dead bodies surviving death. He was adamant that the resurrection of Jesus was in his "spiritual" body, and not in his old physical body. This fits in perfectly with recent discoveries in subatomic physics - the study of forces that are beyond our five physical senses. International teams of scientists had already proved by repeatable experiments under Iaboratory conditions that Dr. Jenkins is correct; that we all possess two bodies, one that dies and one that survives. The British scientist Sir William Crookes, the President of The Royal Society, was the first to prove survival after death by experimentation. The only reason this revolutionary, scientific discovery did not take off at the beginning of the century was because the experiments lacked the back up of a mathematical theory. At the end of the century we now possess the missing mathematics. Our Bath based scientist Ronald Pearson has discovered what many people call the next world or spiritual world. The world we all go to after our short stay on earth is over.

On August 9th 1998 Mr. Pearson spoke for two hours on national radio - Talk Radio. An American theologian accused Mr. Pearson, live on the air, of lying when he said his work had been peer-refereed by Russian and American physicists, and then published in serious, scientific publications. Character assassination is the only defence that the powerful obscurants have against Ronald Pearson and every scientist who says that survival after death is in fact a branch of physics - something that is natural and normal. For example, the hatred that has been aimed at Sir William Crookes FRS is so successful that arguably the greatest chemist that Great Britain has ever produced now carries the emotive labels of liar, cheat, crank fraud, gullible idiot, Spiritualist, and they have also tagged on that he was a sex maniac just in case the other labels are not enough!

The Scottish pioneer of television, John Logie Baird, tells in his memoirs how one of his scientific colleagues actually took the finger prints of a "dead" person who appeared at one of his experiments. The prints were identical to the ones on the dead physical body. This proof would have been good enough to hang somebody in Great Britain only a few years ago. It is now time for the scientific case for survival after death to be placed before the public for people to accept or reject as the case may be.


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Published in the journal Frontier Perspectives, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Volume 6. No. 2, Spring/Summer 1997 (pp70-78). ISSN: 1062-4767