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Letter from Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne to Ronald Pearson, October 15, 1993
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Thanks to the Internet, the Sacred Cow of Orthodox Science has been Exposed - the Outrageous Big Bang Theory (March 29, 2002)

Summary of Ron Pearson's Theory - by Rory MacDonald

"Consciousness as a Sub-quantum Phenomenon" - Ronald Pearson's paper

Published in the journal Frontier Perspectives, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Volume 6. No. 2, Spring/Summer 1997 (pp70-78). ISSN: 1062-4767

An Exact Classical Mechanics leads toward Quantum Gravitation - Ronald Pearson

This pamphlet suggests that misconceptions in classical mechanics are responsible for blocking progress in physics. Refinements are described which spill over into quantum theory and appear to provide answers to vexed questions. For example, it leads to alternatives to both special and general relativity which match the achievements of both. Unlike relativity, however, the new solution is fully quantum-compatible, being consistent with the concept of the quantum vacuum.

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>>John Polkinghorne is one of the greatest living writers and thinkers on science and religion: a truly world-class scientist turned priest, currently one of two Revd FRS (the other is the statistician Bernard Silverman) and one of only 3 Revd KBEs. In March 2002 John won the Templeton Prize. Congratulations John!<<

British physicist wins religious prize - An article about John Polkinghorne (BBC - March 14, 2002)

"Theology and physics win $1m prize John C Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and former professor at Cambridge University, has won the 2002 Templeton Prize for progress in religion. A one-time fellow of the Royal Society, John Polkinghorne specialised in work on sub-atomic particles before entering the priesthood."