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Letter from Michael Roll to Dr Peter Wadhams, 14 June, 2001

Peter Wadhams is Professor of Ocean Physics, and Head of the Polar Marine Sciences Group in the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Destruction of Sir William Crookes FRS


please also write to the Principal of The Open University. Dr. Richard Wiseman and his team has spread the disgraceful lie that Sir William Crookes was a sex maniac! They also give the impression that he was dabbling in the religion of Spiritualism instead of making a very serious scientific study of subatomic phenomena.

As you know this sexual lie was floated by a complete nonentity called Walter Mann just after Sir William died in 1919.

We can only stop this appalling deception if all scientists take action to introduce a balance on all media and educational outlets. Supporters of Crookes are censored at the moment.


To The Principal of The Open University

Please put a stop to the outrageous programme about Sir William Crookes that keeps being shown on BBC 2 Television. This giant of subatomic physics is being destroyed by scientific pygmies who still control education, the Society for Psychical Research and most media outlets. Supporters of Sir William are censored from giving a balance. The public only has access to the propaganda put out by Dr. Richard Wiseman and other psychologists.

Michael Roll

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