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Letter from Michael Roll to Melody Mehta, January 9, 2002

Melody Mehta is an Australian writer, currently living in Canada.


please make direct contact with Hal Fox, he has converted my videos to work on North American machines. Any American TV station that wants to show my 30 minute local TV interview with Jenny Smedley must first obtain permission from Taunton TV. Contact me for details. This is banned from mainstream TV in the Theocracy of Great Britain. Jenny holds up books that the powerful establishment are praying never come to the attention of millions of people. Especially the book where the inventor of television, John Logie Baird, tells how a scientist friend of his carried out an experiment where finger prints where taken when a "dead" person materialised. The prints were identical to those on the dead physical body. This is proof of survival and very dangerous indeed to the religious and scientific establishments throughout the world. Immediately people find out that it's a scientific fact that we all survive death then nobody will ever grovel before a priest again. Also every scientific textbook in the world will have to be rewritten because orthodox science teaches that the mind and brain are the same and that death is the end of everything. This is across every discipline including psychology and philosophy.

It's very important to get through to people that when we are dealing with the secular scientific case for survival after death we are not up against a conspiracy theory, we have crashed into a brick wall of a conspiracy fact!

The Church and the state are established in Great Britain, the same as Iran.


Church gives famous physicist $1 million after he connected survival with subatomic physics on British TV. He never did that again. Proof is in the post.


Dr. Richard Wiseman, psychologist and SPR member given £150 thousand to push that death is the end of everything. This "expert" has total freedom of all media and educational outlets. No qualified physicist who disagrees with him is ever allowed to give a balance in our "free" country.


Dr. Susan Blackmore, as above, given £60 thousand. Also given the freedom of New Scientist to rubbish the Scole Report. All qualified scientists who support the Scole Report are banned from giving a balance in this magazine. This is totally against Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Our Senate, The House of Lords is unelected! They are Law Lords! There are nearly 30 bishops and 100 Lords who were born to legislate in the British Parliament. As we do not have a written constitution like the USA, the law of the land is our constitution and it is messed about by these unelected tyrants. They even have the power to delay bills sent to them from our elected House of Commons. This comes as a shock to Americans but not the Australians.


The Society for Psychical Research has been infiltrated by religionists and materialists who are totally dedicated to blocking the secular case for survival after death (proof is in the post). Thank goodness they officially censored the papers that were submitted by Ron Pearson and myself for the 1999 International Conference or we could be accused of being paranoid. Prof. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona has pulled the rug from under this lot by doing the correct thing and working with mediums, nature's interpreters between our physical world and people in the etheric wavelengths. Now we can understand why Dr. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle resigned from the SPR in disgust in 1930. He called them "evil".


After 500 years of non stop Christian propaganda the atheist Prof. Richard Dawkins from Oxford University now gets the odd article published in our national press. However, atheists who start from the base that we have a soul and survive death are still censored.


The Law demands that an act of Christian worship takes place in every school every day in Great Britain. No free thinker is ever allowed to give a philosophical balance to this supernatural propaganda. It's against the law! The common law offence of blasphemous libel is still in place in spite of the fact that the Law Commission strongly recommended back in 1982 that this antiquated law is abolished.


None of this would have come to light if it had not been for Jeff Rense and the Internet. This of course is only the tip of a huge corrupt iceberg.

Michael Roll

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