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E-mail from Jeff Rense, to Michael Roll and Ron Pearson, April 4, 2002

Jeff Rense is a US broadcaster:

To Michael Roll and Ron Pearson

You both did a grand job of laying your cards of reality on the table. There was without question, an instinctive recognition by millions of listeners that your and Ron's work is LOGICAL, SENSIBLE, and PRAGMATICALLY brilliant.

In seven years and thousands of programs and guests, your appearance in so eloquently presenting the achievements and revelations of your research stands as a uniquely remarkable event.

That the basic concept of a universal ether which, among other things, provides full justification and explanation of the so-called paranormal world, has been methodically eliminated from contemporary "science" stands as one of the greatest and most shameful conspiracies of our time. Further, in that you have both suffered the skulduggery, suppression and persecution of the fearful and arrogant for daring to present your cosmically revolutionary science, it was particularly exhilarating to share in such a profoundly fascinating discussion. The repression of your brilliantly innovative work by establishment orthodox science, academia and religion must not stand. The concept of subatomic life after death and the reality of the "paranormal" is the birthright of every human being. Again, I commend both of you for opening new doors to the universe for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Jeff Rense

Comment by Michael Roll:

To all those fighting for a balance on media and educational outlets in the United Kingdom

In spite of what this American broadcaster says about the secular scientific case for survival after death that hit millions in November and also August 2001, it is still censored from nearly all media and educational outlets in the Theocracy of Great Britain where the Church and the State are still established. The British people are only allowed access to the religious idea about survival - that we all have to 'rest in peace' in the ground waiting for a mythical Judgement Day. No alternative philosophy is even allowed to be presented in our "free" country.

"...And this is how things will remain all the time good people continue to do nothing."
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