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Open Letter to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, June 30, 2002

Sir William Crookes carried out repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions that proved there are people living in the invisible part of the universe: that we all survive the death of our physical bodies. As we are all going to die and have lost loved ones, he was quite rightly made President of The Royal Society, knighted and awarded the highest decoration in the land - The Order of Merit.

Surely the same honour should be bestowed on the Derbyshire scientist Ronald D. Pearson who has provided the missing mathematics to back up the experiments that were carried out by Sir William Crookes whose paper was published in 1874 in The Quarterly Journal of Science?

Ronald Pearson's scientific papers have been peer-refereed and published by physicists at the Russian Academy of Sciences following the Sir Isaac Newton Conference in St. Petersburg in 1993 and by Temple University in the USA - Frontier Perspectives 1997, Spring/Summer. Pearson has discovered a structure of the ether that has the potential to evolve intelligence. In other words he has discovered the so-called spirit world, the greatest scientific breakthrough in the history of mankind on this planet.

Because Ronald Pearson is being treated as a pariah in his own country he has been forced to start The Academy of Survival Physics in order to bring his censored scientific discoveries to the attention of the British people. Booklet enclosed. Websites:

On 2nd November 2001 Ronald Pearson was joined by the Cambridge University physicist Professor Peter Wadhams. They broadcast across the USA and the rest of the world on the Jeff Rense Programme. Direct to broadcast:

Michael Roll

Comment by Michael Roll:

This giant of subatomic physics, Sir William Crookes, has been systematically destroyed by pseudo-scientific pygmies ever since he passed over in 1919. If people just take the trouble to look up x-rays in the encyclopaedia they will quickly realise just how badly they are being deceived by those who control what information is allowed to be placed before the British people.

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