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E-mail from Chris Robinson to Lyn G. de Swarte, July 24, 2002

Lyn G de Swarte was editor of Psychic News until June 2003.

Wiseman & Co. The end of the line?


It is time now that we had a BIG story challenging the professional sceptics to come out and be honest. All the experiments they do are designed to fail.

If you want to prove it is impossible to swim the English Channel Sceptic like Dr Wiseman and Co would nip off down to Folkstone find a few pensioners from a local old folks home and set then the task. When they all drowned a few hundred yards out to sea he would proclaim from the mountaintops that the sceptics were correct and it was impossible to swim that far. That is what sceptics do, they find a way of conning the media and public that the experiment was sound and a success. It proves they say their point. That is not the way to do it. Another way they do it is tell the subjects of the experimentation one thing and on the day do something completely different. This has happened to me twice now. But I have found a way to prevent it happening again. I do what I did for Professor Gary Schwartz in Arizona and the BBC and the Richard and Judy show. I predict the future live on camera in full public view.


In order to show the world the truth I would like Psychic News to print this on there front page.

I CHALLENGE any so called sceptic to repeat live on TV the 10 Arizona Experiments. I will be taken blindfolded to 10 secret locations and will seal in an envelope before we set out the main fundamental features I will see when the blindfold is removed.... That should do it, I will either be right or wrong. We need to do it 10 time at least because otherwise the not so wismen who make up the sceptic scientists will say it was just a coincidence...... So come on TV and Radio media.... Get together and organise the show of the century and lets settle this once and for all. Can I see the future. And it means if I can so can others.

Chris Robinson.........

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