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Professor Gary Schwartz is Director of the Center for Frontier Medicine in Biofield Science, University of Arizona.

"The Afterlife Experiments" by Gary Schwartz

The Afterlife Experiments

Published March, 2002.

More information:

This riveting narrative, with its electrifying transcripts, puts the reader on the scene of a breakthrough scientific achievement: contact with the beyond under controlled laboratory conditions. In stringently monitored experiments, leading mediums attempted to contact dead friends and relatives of "sitters" who were masked from view and never spoke, depriving the mediums of any cues. The messages that came through stunned sitters and researchers alike.

From the Preface:

If it could be proved beyond a doubt and in an entirely convincing way, if it could be proved scientifically, that life and love are eternal - would your love be enhanced, would your fears vanish, would your purpose in life be magnified? How would life be different for you if you knew that just as patterns of dynamic light from distant stars continue to expand into the universe, our light-our dynamic information and energy, our soul and spirit-not only continue to expand into the universe, but live and grow just as we do on the earth? "


We are exceptionally aware of the need to conduct responsible and creative research with absolute integrity. (...) One of our overriding concerns turns on the issue of fraud and deception. Over and over we have asked ourselves and continue to ask, "Is the wool being pulled over our eyes?" Even worse, "Are we pulling the wool over our own eyes?" Because the more striking the findings, the greater is the temptation to say, "This can't be true. There must be a mistake!" As the research evolved, we designed the experiments to be ever more fraud-proof.


Scientists and non-scientists alike are experiencing a test of faith-in this case, whether we can put our belief in the scientific method itself. Because if we are to put our faith in the scientific method, and trust what the data reveal, we are led to the hypothesis that the universe is more wondrous than imagined in our wildest flights of fancy.

From the Foreword by Deepak Chopra, M.D.:

"There is a wonderful story about a guru and his cranky disciple. Both were getting on in years, and they happened to be sitting one afternoon in a cramped, dingy room waiting for someone to bring them food. "Why are you any different from me?" the disciple grumbled. "We're just two old men sitting here waiting impatiently for our dinner." "That's true," the guru said. "We see the same room," the disciple went on. "We live in the same world. There's no difference at all." The guru shook his head. "You say we live in the same world, but we don't. Your world is private; no one else can enter it. It is made of personal memories, desires, feelings, and dreams. My world is not private but open to all. It is eternal and unbounded. Nothing exists in it that I claim as my own. Wherever I look I see love, trust, truth, eternity." The disciple still complained. "If your world is so much better than mine, why do you even bother to be here?" "Because your world is only a dream," the guru said quietly. "And it gives me pleasure when someone wakes up." Although beautiful in itself, this story, which I have returned to a dozen times since I first came across it twenty years ago, underlines one of the great truths of spirituality. There is an absolute world that our world dimly mirrors. St. Paul spoke of seeing this world as if through a glass darkly. That is, we can catch vague glimpses of it, but a full, clear view is rare. Only in flashes of insight, (...) do we escape our private world of sensation and memory. The rest of the time we seem to be satisfied with accepting very little that goes beyond the five senses.

Even so, a small band of people has never given in to ordinary reality. (...) We venerate such rebels of the soul, but we have also kept them at arm's length, because believing in the material world has become a sort of survival mechanism, identified with being sane. Only in our lifetime have the keepers of reality come forward to challenge the accepted belief system. The majority were believers to begin with, individuals with a special sensitivity to subtle energies of various kinds-telepaths, mediums, clairvoyants, mystics. But a few have been open-minded rationalists. Their strategy has been to apply the very rules of science to topple some of science's most iron-guarded assumptions. With his hypothesis of the living soul, Gary Schwartz applies procedures of experimentation that no honest skeptic could argue with. (...)"

Comment by Rory MacDonald:

"Anyone who has a religious nature should now be thinking of how this can fit in with their way of thinking. It would appear to be time for all the good and honest people within the world's religions to unite together in a universal philosophy of love and to discard all that is archaic and divisive. But that might well mean giving up too much for some. Now the results have been shown, it's up to science to explain how. The only person so far to come up with a serious theory that meets all current observations is Ron Pearson. Perhaps he is right."

Comment by Michael Roll:

"We bring all the followers of Jesus with us. It's only the fanatical materialists - the when your're dead, you're dead merchants - who are in very serious trouble and under threat from the secular scientific case for survival after death."

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