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Letter from Michael Roll to The Producer, Tomorrow's World, July 25, 2002

Tomorrow's World is a popular TV science programme, broadcast by the BBC.

The Producer
Tomorrow's World
BBC 1 Television
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ

25th July 2002

Dear Sir,

On Wednesday 24th July you gave the psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman total freedom to put forward his expert opinion that there is no such thing as a haunted house and that there is no question of people existing in the normally invisible part of the universe.

You will see from the enclosed that there is another school of scientific thought, put forward by Cambridge University professors of physics, that disagrees with the conclusions of Dr. Richard Wiseman who has started from the base that the mind and the brain are the same. However, as things stand at the moment in what is meant to be a free country, only one of these expert opinions is actually reaching the public.

This is completely against Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This demands a balance of "opinion through any media, and regardless of frontiers". Adrian Berry, the science correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, makes it clear why there is no balance: "Few subjects more infuriate scientists than claims of paranormal phenomena, because, if confirmed, the whole fabric of science would be threatened."

Please be kind enough to present the scientific case that the mind is separate from the brain.

Yours faithfully

Michael Roll


31st July 2002

Dear Mr. Roll,

Thank you for your letter to Tomorrow's World.

I have passed your comments onto the production team, who I can assure you will take notice of them.

Holly Migden
Research Assistant
Tomorrow's World
BBC Wood Lane
London W12 7TS

Comment by Michael Roll:

A snowball would stand a better chance in Hell!

Presenting a balance to the thoughts of the "great" Dr. Richard Wiseman would mean the total destruction of all the priests, mullahs, rabbis and "Holy" men and orthodox scientific teaching would go down the same tube. It starts from the base that death is the end of everything. Decent people like Holly Migden are not running the world. The corruption is only right at the top - paymaster level. There will only be a balance if every decent person starts to scream foul from the rooftops.

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