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E-mail from Michael Roll to Prof. Jacqueline Rose, August 24, 2002

To Prof. Jacqueline Rose: 'A Dangerous Liason: Israel and America'.

Many thanks for your excellent exposure of the terrible religious hatred that is being stirred up by fanatics who have been brainwashed from birth to believe a book has divine authority.

When the first plane hit the first tower in New York this signalled the beginning of the end of the great religious hoax on the human race.

"Tyrants will win all the time good people continue to do nothing." Voltaire

At last good people have started to do something. Until you had the courage to speak out I did not know that the Christian religious maniac Jerry Falwell was so influential in America. That Presidents of the USA take more notice of advise that has authority from the Old Testament than they do from their political advisors! America has 70 million born-again Christians. Thankfully in the UK we only have a few thousand and they are treated with the contempt that they deserve. These 70 million Americans back Israel to the hilt claiming Biblical authority. No wonder the Arabs are getting angry at this appalling injustice. The Arabs have been told the truth about the Christian Crusaders. We are still being taught at school that they were goodies, just like in the Robin Hood films.

Your programme made some sense of what we all saw on British TV on 5th August 2002. We just could not believe what was being said. On BBC 2 Newsnight Franklin Graham, the son of Billy and number two in the hierarchy, was interviewed. It was revealed that this born-again Christian had advocated dropping nuclear weapons on the Muslims in the Middle East - only the bad ones, not the good ones! So-called smart bombs are causing "collateral damage".

Have these Christians any idea of the amount of collateral damage that a nuclear bomb would cause?

Michael Roll

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