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E-mail from Michael Roll to Jeff Rense, August 20, 2002

To The Jeff Rense Radio Programme in the USA

Less than 1% of the British people are Billy Graham type born-again Christians and, outside of priest-ridden Northern Ireland, 95% no longer grovel before priests.

We can stop the Third World War, but only if we all fight very hard indeed.

To all Politicians, Journalists and Broadcasters

On BBC 2 Newsnight: 5th August 2002 it was revealed that the Billy Graham camp in the USA is urging the use of nuclear weapons against the Muslims in the Middle East. Only bad Muslims, not the good ones! This gives a whole new dimension to the expression "collateral damage". Franklin Graham was interviewed. He is number two in the Billy Graham hierarchy and all set to take over from his father.

President George W. Bush is a follower of Billy Graham! If these Christian Crusaders are not quickly marginalised there will be no planet Earth for people to live on. These born-again Christians really believe that every word in the Bible is that of the creator of the universe - their God! They are getting excited that Armageddon - the supreme conflict of nations - is actually going to take place in their lifetime. These victims of priestcraft have had the part of the brain that deals with logic and reason almost surgically removed.

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair actually believes in Catholic Christianity - in the Catholic (universal and all-embracing) doctrines and dogmas that were invented by appallingly ignorant priests at the infamous Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Christian era. Look up Nicene Creed in the dictionary. No Anglo-Catholic priest in the Church of England has believed in these supernatural absurdities for over 100 years. Over 50% of the clergy now admit this in public. When interviewed privately it's 100%. I asked a local vicar when he found out the whole thing was a gigantic hoax on the human race, he answered:

"We all do at theological college."

This time the lunatics really have taken over the asylum called planet Earth. All it takes for them to succeed is that good people continue to do nothing. After Voltaire

Michael Roll

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom in a country where the Church and the state are still established.


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