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Letter from Michael Roll to Richard Harries, November 4, 2002

To Richard Harries: Bishop of Oxford

With reference to the review of your book in The Freethinker (November 2002).

You will be pleased to see from the enclosed that thanks to recent revolutionary discoveries in subatomic physics it was possible for Jesus to have appeared in front of his disciples after he was killed. You have been proved right and the bigoted materialists have been shown to be desperately wrong. However, as you imply in your book, the Catholic Christian religion needs bringing up to date.

The born-again Christians, along with other religious fundamentalists, are fast becoming a great danger to this planet. Millions still get comfort out of singing hymns and worshipping a supreme being. You can save the Church from total collapse but only if you move very quickly. The scientist Ronald Pearson has called his book "Intelligence Behind The Universe". This is the rock on which to base your updated teachings.

Michael Roll

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