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Ronald Pearson has provided the mathematics to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, deceased people returned, proving they had survived death.

Publications by Ronald Pearson

Ronald Pearson's works are written for the intelligent non-scientist, but each has a mathematical supplement which should be understandable to anyone with school sixth-form mathematics.


Creation Solved

Pearsonian Space - »Creation Solved?« - The new book by Ron Pearson

Order »Creation Solved?« from

"The Academy of Survival Physics"

A new 56-page booklet, written by Ronald Pearson (first published June 2002, revised and reprinted September 2002).

Survival physics provides paradigm-shifting insights that resolve outstanding problems in theorectial cosmology physics, but also shows that consciousness must survive bodily death.

The pamphlet can be obtained by writing to Michael Roll, 28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 6AH, England. The cost is £5, including postage in the UK. (A $10 bill in the post will cover orders from the USA.) Please make cheques payable to Ron Pearson.

"Origin of Mind"

£5 post paid in the U.K. (ISBN 0 9517558 1 3)

"Intelligence Behind The Universe"

The Headquarters Publishing Co. Ltd. ISBN 0 947823 21 2

This publication is no longer available.

"Key To Consciousness: Quantum Gravitation"

£2 post paid in the U.K.

This paper shows that a primary consciousness lies at a sub-quantum level of reality: in the invisible! Ron Pearson asks: "How could gravitation have any possible connection with consciousness?" He then goes on to say:

"The answer, put simply, is everything!".
This publication is no longer available.


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Comment by Michael Roll:

The fact that this work has been officially censored by those who control the Society for Psychical Research and nearly all media outlets in the Theocracy of Great Britain is a very good sign indeed that Ronald Pearson's work is a danger to orthodox teaching. If it was a load of rubbish it would be brought out in the open and destroyed.

Also available

A two-hour Interview with Ron Pearson on his new Theory on the Creation of the Universe

CD or audio cassette: 2 hours

Available from

Rory MacDonald's two-hour interview with Ron Pearson starts by defining the flaws and inconsistencies surrounding the Big Bang theory, and then goes on to present Ron's groundbreaking ideas of positive and negative primary particles. The interview concludes by providing new scientific explanations for 'survival after death', all in Ron's own words, and easily understandable for non-scientists.

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