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E-mail from Michael Roll to an Inquirer, January 7, 2003


many thanks for making contact. I feel the point you make is well covered in my booklet 'The Suppression of Knowledge' on my website:

England is most certainly a Catholic country. The Queen is supreme governor of the Anglo-Catholic Church - defender of the Catholic faith. Martin Luther in 1517 only protested against the power of the Pope. Most certainly not the Catholic (all-embracing) doctrines and dogmas that were invented at the infamous Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Christian era. It's only those Christians who do not recognise the thoughts of these appallingly ignorant priests at Nicaea who can really be referred to as non Catholic. The Unitarians for example. Sir Isaac Newton was a Unitarian. They follow a thinking Bishop called Arius who attended the Council of Nicaea and tried his utmost to stop his colleagues turning Jesus into the 17th saviour-god. It was here that Jesus was officially made into God - the creator of the universe no less. After this date all those who followed Bishop Arius were murdered. Every school and library was destroyed, and every person who could read and write in the Roman Empire was murdered. The known world was plunged into the Christian Dark Ages. We only started to recover from this hell on Earth thanks to the Muslims sweeping into Europe in 1453 after the fall of Constantinople. The Muslims had preserved their records of the great Greek scientists, philosophers and engineers. This thankfully coincided with the invention of the printing press in Europe and the Christian priests could not kill fast enough to keep up with the printing presses. But they had a jolly good try, hence the Holy Inquisition.

George W. Bush believes in the teachings of Billy Graham. These are the really powerful non-Catholics today. They are Bible-based, they actually believe that every word in the Bible is that of the creator of the universe. Terrifying but true. The USA has been hijacked by religious maniacs. The only consolation is that the Catholics and Orthodox Christians hate these born-again Christians more than the secularists. Maybe, just maybe, they will come out in the open and support the former Bishop of Durham Dr. David Jenkins. He had the courage to tell the truth and got stick for it - no book has divine authority, a virgin did not give birth to the creator of the universe two thousand years ago, there is no question of dead bodies leaping out of graves on a mythical Judgement Day. In other words all these dangerous and divisive religions are a gigantic hoax on the human race. All invented by men who knew nothing whatsoever about the universe who thought a red hot ball of fire went round a flat Earth every day. Their followers are still running this planet today! We are heading for a Third World War if Bush and Blair are not stopped in their tracks.

NB. It was after Henry VIII made himself head of the Catholic Church in England that what is known as the Reformation started to take place. Not much reforming has taken place within the Roman Catholic Church. There has been no Reformation within Islam.

Michael Roll

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