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An open letter to the Bath-based scientist Ronald Pearson, June 27, 2002

You may like to know that the former President of the Society for Psychical Research, the psychologist Prof. David Fontana, is lecturing to students linking life after death with subatomic physics, and "what's it like having firsthand experience of investigating psychic phenomena and physical mediumship?" Ref. Psychic News 29 June 2002.

Prof. Fontana wrote to me in 1995 saying that he thinks the reason why the Editor of the SPR Journal, Dr. John Beloff, has not published your work is because it does not fit in with the guidelines of the Society that were laid down in 1882. For example, "A journal on car mechanics confines itself to articles on cars."

How does this action taken by Prof. Fontana - embracing experiments and subatomic physics - equate with Prof. Bernard Carr and his committee officially rejecting our papers that we submitted for the 1999 International Conference of the SPR?

Prof. Carr wrote to me saying that my "topic is not really appropriate for the conference audience".

This is not fair because for 22 years I have been linking the experiments of Sir William Crookes, and other international teams of scientists who worked with physical mediums, with quantum mechanics - the study of the invisible part of the universe. All this time I have been treated like a pariah by the hierarchy of the SPR. I even received a letter from a prominent member, Montague Keen, questioning my sanity!

As you know the 1979 Nobel Laureate for physics, Prof. Abdus Salam, gave me a grant from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics and a number of donations from his own pocket. I don't think he would have done this if he thought I was mad.

Michael Roll

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This letter was written in response to Prof. David Fontana's letter in the December 2001 issue of Psychic World.

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