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E-mail from Michael Roll to Barry Eaton, April 18, 2003

Barry Eaton is an Australian broadcaster.


The "This is Your Life" BBC Television Programme on 17th April featuring the famous investigative reporter Roger Cook was first class. Your potted history of his time in Australia came across very well indeed. Your dramatic appearance as his best friend, and guest of honour, made a great finish.

How about asking Roger to look into what must be just about the greatest conspiracy to pervert the course of justice ever? The scientific proof of survival after death, a discovery in physics that belongs to every person on Earth, is being deliberately blocked from even coming to the attention of people throughout the world.

It's being blocked solely to keep powerful people in the manner to which they are accustomed. The professional priests and materialists have come together in order to protect their reputations from the wrath of public opinion. No "expert" is censoring this information from a base of ignorance. These obscurants know what we know, that people can only accept or reject a discovery in physics if they have access to it in the first place. The name of this very successful establishment game is to make sure the secular scientific proof of survival after death never even enters the public domain. The reason for this is patently obvious:


The priests, mullahs, rabbis, "holy" men, and most of all, the ministers of religion, lose their lucrative monopoly on the vast life after death industry. They all know they will be laughed off the park as we say in football circles in England. This is because the very last thing that people need when they have the proof of something is a faith or a belief system.


There is one thing that professional intellectuals and academics hate more than anything and this is to be proved wrong. When the public eventually gain access to the scientific proof that there are people, who are very much alive, operating in the invisible part of the universe, then every scientific text book in the world will have to be rewritten. The model of the universe as presented in universities is totally incorrect. Nearly every "expert" will be made to look very silly indeed. This is because every scientific discipline has started from the base that death is the end of everything - the mind and the brain are the same. This includes the teaching of psychology and philosophy throughout the world.

In order to protect the jobs and reputations of professional "experts", organisations and Trust funds that have been set up specifically to look into life after death and related subjects have been infiltrated and destroyed from within. Huge amounts of money have been deliberately funnelled towards "experts" who can be relied upon to make sure the public never have access to the published work of scientists who started from the base of linking survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

Those with a great deal to lose from the truth know they will be ruined if people ever find out that mediums are nature's interpreters between those who are still on Earth and their loved ones who are now living in the part of the universe that is normally out of range of our five physical senses.

The most obvious misappropriation of Trust money is connected with the Perrott-Warrick Scholarship based at Trinity College, Cambridge University. F.W. Warrick published his book "Experiments in Psychics" (Rider & Co. London) in 1939. All genuine scientists like Warrick who are working in this field of research know that the only way to prove survival after death is to carry out repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions with gifted people called mediums. The money from the Perrott-Warrick Trust has been ending up in the coffers of "scientists" who can be relied upon to never do what Prof. Gary Schwartz is now doing at the University of Arizona - making a careful scientific study of mediumship.

The Perrott-Warrick money has gone to "scientists" who have started from the orthodox scientific base that the mind and brain are the same and that all mediums are frauds or gullible idiots. Prof. Nicholas Humphrey, Dr. Richard Wiseman and Dr. Susan Blackmore. The current recipient of the money, Prof. Deborah L. Deloney, has put in writing to me that she will not even come and witness any experiments with materialisation mediums. This is the only type of mediumship that is able to produce the proof of survival after death with repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions. History has repeated itself because Sir George Stokes, the Secretary of the Royal Society, flatly refused an invitation from Sir William Crookes to come and witness the experiments that he was carrying out with the materialisation medium Florence Cook.

All this is only the tip of a huge corrupt iceberg within the life after death industry. The Australian lawyer Dr. Victor Zammit is gathering all the evidence that Roger Cook would be able to have a field day with.

The outcome of all this will be a balance on media and educational outlets to fit in with Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. No prizes will be given to those who guess correctly which philosophy listed below the people will choose when they have access to what we will tell your listeners during our broadcast on 21st April 2003.


We all survive the death of our physical bodies and are immediately reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us - a separate mind and brain.


Death is the end of everything - the mind and brain are the same. Orthodox scientific teaching.


Only believers in ancient priestly doctrines and dogmas survive, but not until a mythical Judgement Day when dead bodies will leap out of graves.

Michael Roll

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