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E-mail from Michael Roll to Lyn G de Swarte, May 31, 2003

Lyn G de Swarte was editor of Psychic News until June 2003.

Dear Lyn,

I was delighted to read Alf Winchester's report of Stewart Alexander's physical mediumship. This was where the former President of the Noah's Ark Society, Alan Crossley, fully materialised and proved to his friends in the audience that he had survived the death of his physical body - an experiment dated 15th May 2003.

This is what the followers of Arthur Findlay's scientific approach to the study of life after death have been waiting for. May I appeal to Stewart Alexander, and his etheric contacts, via Psychic News, to dedicate his wonderful gift to bringing hope and comfort to every person on Earth.

This can quickly be achieved by Stewart taking up the offer from Professor Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona. This scientist has the funding and equipment ready to capture on film recently deceased people fully materialising at repeatable experiments.

Professor Schwartz has a first class track record of working with mediums and treating them for what they are - nature's link with those who are on Earth and their friends and relations who are still very much alive and now operating in the invisible part of the universe.

Very sincerely

Michael Roll

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