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Published in Psychic News, May 31, 2003

A Stewart Alexander Séance

Alan Crossley Returns

Reported by Alf Winchester

A remarkable séance took place in Norfolk on the 15th May, 2003 at the home of Alf and June Winchester. A select group of sitters were treated to a truly wonderful evening of physical phenomena through the mediumship of Stewart Alexander. Although Stewart retired from giving séances outside his Home Circle a couple of years ago, he is doing a limited number at specially chosen venues. The sitting began in the normal manner with Circle guides and helpers talking through the entranced Stewart whilst behind the scenes spirit operatives were preparing for the physical phenomena. The phenomena started with one of the sitters being invited to sit beside the medium and she was thrilled and amazed to witness the passage of matter through matter. The medium's arm was passed through a plastic electrical tie, which was attaching him to the chair arm. Walter Stinson, the spirit operative who orchestrated this phenomenon said that he 'made no apologies for doing this particular demonstration at each séance where there were new sitters present'.

He said, 'many would call it a miracle, but it was nothing of the kind, it merely showed that anything is possible when the right conditions exist between our worlds'.

(I was privileged to witness this phenomenon some years ago, when in good red light the medium's arm was passed through the ropes tying him to the chair arm with a loud noise like a whip being cracked.)

The next phenomenon to occur was the perennial favourite of sitters, airborne trumpets. To a rousing musical accompaniment the trumpets, three at one point, performed complex aerobatic manoeuvres in time to the music. Some sitters had trumpets accurately placed on their heads and hands showing complete spatial awareness by the spirit controllers. Walter Stinson invited a sitter to sit in front of a specially constructed table, which had a glass top that was under-lit with a red light, the intensity of which could be varied by means of a rheostat. From the direction of the medium (still secured to his chair) a lump of ectoplasmic matter was seen to move onto the table. Walter said through the entranced Stewart that he was going to materialise his hand. Almost like someone placing a hand in a glove, a large right hand with quite thick fingers was seen to emerge from the matter. The fingers were manipulated before retracing back into the lump of matter. Walter asked for the sitter to place her hand on the table with her fingers at the centre. The hand again materialised and touched and slapped the hand of the sitter. He then asked the sitter to feel his fingers and nails and invited her to confirm that she was feeling a perfectly normal hand with the feel of a normal live human hand. This she was delighted to confirm.

The sitter returned to her place in the Circle and Walter asked for the table to be removed. The curtains on the cabinet containing the medium were closed and Stewart, apparently awake at this time, said that he could see a light in the cabinet.

The curtains parted and a faint orb of diffused light was seen to dart from the cabinet and return. After a few rehearsals the light got a little brighter and Walter, in materialised form, left the cabinet carrying the orb in his right hand displaying it around the sitters showing the silhouette of his fingers, hand and forearm against the flow from the orb that he held. During his walkabout Walter spoke to us in a loud, clear voice identical to the familiar drawl that we hear when he speaks through the vocal chords of the entranced Stewart.

Walter said from the Cabinet that a visitor, who was known to several of the sitters, was going to attempt to materialise. The cabinet curtains flew open and a person's footsteps could be heard walking from the cabinet, saying excitedly, "It's Alan, it's Alan," in the unmistakable tones and mannerisms of Alan Crossley. He went around the circle and enthusiastically approached and greeted only those persons whom he knew. He came to me talking exuberantly in a frail sounding but still loud voice, grabbed my head and shook it wildly and then took my hands and vigorously shook them between his.

Before returning to the cabinet he explained that he had sat in materialisation circles on numerous occasions, (he wrote a book about his sittings with Helen Duncan) but he never thought that he would have the opportunity to be the one who materialised and was amazed and delighted to be able to do so. The uniqueness of this event occurred to me, Alan Crossley was a former President of the Noah's Ark Society and here he was materialised and touching me, another former NAS President, and all made possible through the mediumship of another former NAS President, Stewart Alexander. This was a truly extraordinary meeting and for me the highlight of a truly wonderful evening spent with our spirit friends. The whole séance lasted for 135 minutes and I have only reported the most important happenings. During the séance a number of sitters were evidentially reunited with their loved ones. Walter said, towards the end of the sitting, "We try to balance phenomena with communication from loved ones. My aim is to complete the work that I started when I worked through the mediumship of my Sis ('Marjory' aka Mina Crandon) so many years ago. What you have seen tonight, folks, is only the beginning."

All the sitters agreed that they had experienced a truly uplifting evening of communication between our two worlds. I personally can't wait to see what spirit have in store for us.

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