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It is no Longer a Sin to Contact the Deceased Through a Medium

by Michael Roll

One of the most competent theologians of the Vatican, Father Gino Concetti, writing in the "Osservatore Romano", the daily paper of the Holy See, says that,

"According to the modern catechism the Church has decided not to forbid anymore to dialogue with the deceased ... this is as a sequel of new discoveries within the domain of the paranormal."
(December 1996)

This u-turn from the Vatican came as no surprise to those who have known for many years that the Roman Catholic Church has been carrying out scientific experiments with their own mediums. This scientific approach was predicted many years ago by the outstanding medium Ena Twigg. This coincided with her breakthrough in persuading the Lord Bishop of Southwark, the Rt. Rev. Mervyn Stockwood, to let her demonstrate her gift in Southwark Cathedral. At this time it did look as if the Anglo-Catholic Church was going to take the lead in getting the proof of survival after death through to everybody in the world. However, Ena Twigg's etheric contacts surprised people by making it very clear that the new Renaissance would start in the Roman Catholic Church!

With the benefit of hindsight this paradox does start to make sense, because the Vatican learnt the hard way what it is like to be on the losing side when it backed Hitler and the Nazis. This time they have decided to join the winning side. However, there are a few more u-turns the Vatican will have to make before the metamorphosis is complete. The Roman Catholic priests will be getting the same instructions as everybody else who has bothered to make contact with etheric people through mediums. It does not matter whether the scientist--seeker after knowledge--is a Christian or an atheist, the message from the etheric wavelengths is always the same:

"You all survive death, there is no place here just reserved for Christians or anybody else. The only thing that counts is how you have behaved during your short stay on Earth."

It is now obvious that we should have been following the great thinkers (philosophers) who taught love and unity, not hatred and divisiveness. Teachers of the calibre of Socrates, Jesus, Thomas Paine and Gandhi who were citizens of the world and whose mission was to do good in life. All survivalist philosophers teach:

"As you sow, so you will reap." And:
"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

This means the Vatican will have to start following the teachings of Jesus instead of a saviour-god called Christ who is going to forgive all our sins on Earth. Jesus was reported to have said to the person next to him on the cross,

"This day you will be with me in paradise," not,
"You will have to rest in peace in the ground waiting for me to come back on Judgement Day."

The Catholic (all-embracing) doctrines and dogmas, that everybody must adhere to, were formulated at the Council of Nicaea in the year 325 of the Christian era. For confirmation look up Nicene Creed in the dictionary. This must now be abandoned if progress is to be made. The former Bishop of Salisbury, Dr. John Baker, made this clear when he wrote to me saying,

"There is no hope for the Churches unless they try and get back to the teachings of Jesus."

It came as a shock to many scientists when the Editor of the Psychic News in the 1980s reported that the Secretary of the Society for Psychical Research did not know of any members who were actually carrying out experiments with mediums! This situation has not changed. The psychologists, Dr. Richard Wiseman and Dr. Susan Blackmore, who are adamant that death is the end of everything, were awarded £150,000 and £60,000 respectively by the Perrott-Warrick Scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge in order to research so-called paranormal phenomena. These "experts" and members of the SPR, who are continually popping up on our television screens, do not even recognise that mediumship exists.

The next time the Perrott-Warrick Scholarship finds itself in funds, maybe it will consider giving the next grant to scientists who are carrying out experiments with mediums. This will balance the money that was wasted on Wiseman and Blackmore. It also puts the Vatican in line for consideration.

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