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E-mail from Michael Roll to Dr Roger Berry, October 24, 2004

Dr Roger Berry has been MP for Kingswood (Bristol) since April 9, 1992.


please be kind enough to write to the Home Office regarding the fact that whenever the subject of so-called paranormal phenomena is featured on mainstream media outlets the public are only being allowed access to just one expert opinion - the one being put forward by parapsychologists like Professor Richard Wiseman who start from the base that "paranormal phenomena" do not exist.

For example: The BBC 'Everyman' programme featured the medium Gordon Smith giving great comfort to people who had lost loved ones. In a follow up programme, the Richard and Judy Show on Channel 4, Gordon Smith was put up against Professor Richard Wiseman. What should have happened is that the public should have been allowed access to the two scientific arguments regarding mediums like Gordon Smith.

Also in the studio should have been a qualified scientist who is diametrically opposed to the conclusions of Professor Richard Wiseman. Scientists of the calibre of our Cambridge Nobel Laureate for Physics, Professor B. D. Josephson, who start from the base that the study of survival after death should be via subatomic physics - that we are only dealing with natural and normal forces in the universe. That nothing in nature is "paranormal" or "supernatural". There has to be a rational scientific explanation to account for everything that happens.

Until this balance is achieved we are not falling in line with Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This demands a balance on all "media" outlets.

Michael Roll

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