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From: The Derby Telegraph

This article was removed from the Derby Telegraph site in the Autumn of 2003


by David Clensy

27 February 2003

Throughout the millennia, mankind has mused over seemingly unanswerable questions: Is there life after death? Is there a God? What are we? Derbyshire scientist Ron Pearson believes that he may have discovered the missing link of physics, which would answer all the mysteries of the universe. Feature writer David Clensy reports.

Ronald Pearson, June 2001

Ronald Pearson, June 2001(Photo: pr)

It is quite an admission by anyone's standards, but Matlock-born scientist Ron Pearson believes that he may hold the answers to the secrets of the universe.

He says that his theory of the universe, which he has been working on for almost 20 years, solves many issues around supernatural activity, life after death and even the existence of a god.

But the 77-year-old, who says that he has always been an agnostic, claims that orthodox science refuses to even listen to his explanations on the true structure of existence.

"My theories would bring together science and religion with a true understanding of how the universe works," he said.

After a career of designing engines in factories around the East Midlands, Ron retired to Bath, in Somerset, where his attention turned to bigger matters - matters of life and death.

"My interest was sparked after reading an article about the Big Bang theory in 1984," he said.

"Conventional physics has a problem when it comes to explaining the universe - it doesn't add up.

"The two cornerstones for orthodox science are Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which deals with the construction of big things such as planets and stars, and Quantum Physics, which deals with minute things like atoms and particles.

"But these two very complex theories contradict each other. To put it simply, if they're both right then the universe would have reached its current size just a few moments after the Big Bang occurred."

Ron decided that he would try to figure out where scientists were going wrong.

"Back in the days of Isaac Newton, scientists realised that the universe must contain a hidden medium, which they called the ether - an energy layer that we can't see."

Ron said that energies such as light and heat could only travel across space if they had a medium upon which to travel. But as space is a vacuum, there are no particles of air - which is what things like light, heat and sound travel through here on Earth.

"That's how the early scientists knew that the ether must exist, even though we can't identify it.

"When Einstein came along he dismissed the concept of the ether. But it was a fatal error, which left his theory flawed," Ron said.

In 1984 Ron sat down at his desk and started trying to develop a theory which would replace Einstein's theory and would also be able to explain the details of Quantum Physics.

"After 20 years of working out how the universe must have developed, I concluded that the ether does exist.

"I think that it's like an all-encompassing neural network, which transcends all matter in the universe and I think that this network would eventually develop a consciousness and actively create life and the way that living things see the universe.

"If you like, this ether is a kind of secular god. And as we're part of this ether too, when our physical body dies, our soul - the part of our mind which is not linked to the body - remains part of the ether.

"This means that we effectively have life after death - at least the soul part of our mind has life after death."

Now, after almost 20 years of theoretical musing, Ron plans to set about proving that his theory is correct - but he doesn't except that to be easy.

"I know that orthodox science will do whatever it can to prevent my work from taking place, because its existence would discredit all modern science.

"In fact I couldn't even get my theory published in the West. I had to travel to St Petersburg, in Russia, a couple of years ago just to get it printed."

Ron says that he is now trying to raise the £15,000 needed to enable him to carry out a series of experiments to prove that he is right.

"There are two sorts of experiments, which are inspired by the work of the 19th century scientist Sir William Crookes," he said.

Crookes is purported to have conducted experiments which photographed a dead person - Katie King - appearing from within the ether as a ghost.

"Unfortunately after his death, Crookes' work was unfairly discredited by scientists, who were threatened by the implications," Ron explained.

"But the basis of my experiments would be the same. Some powerful mediums are able to encourage dead souls to materialise during a seance in the physical form that they had in life.

"The spirits use physical, gas-like material from within living bodies to build their own temporary image.

"If we can prove that the dead are capable of this, within a scientific environment, then we can prove the existence of the ether on which they survive."

Another experiment that Ron intends to carry out is a physical experiment in which he places a quartz clock and an atomic clock side by side.

"Every few days one of the clocks will gain time on the other. They will take it in turns to do this - which is a phenomena caused by slight movement within the ether."

Ron believes that his theory is not actually strange - he says it is just the truth - and that it proves that paranormal incidents have normal explanations.

"I believe that these experiments will show that the supernatural is actually just a part of the natural world that up to now. We've not been able to understand," he said.

Grandad's ghost warns man about his asthma attacks John Wallis (21) also believes that life after death should be taken more seriously.

John, of Alvaston, is a paranormal investigator for the Derby Ghost Watchers Association, and spends his days studying hauntings.

He was inspired to take on the role because of the recurring haunting by his grandfather, George Wallis, who died aged 79 in 1991.

"Since his death, he has appeared to me more than 100 times," John said.

"The first time, I saw him standing on the other side of the room holding an inhaler.

"I was not afraid, I just had a feeling that it was nice to see him. Later that day, I was admitted to hospital with a bad asthma attack."

John says his grandfather normally appears to warn him before he suffers an attack.

"But sometimes it is when I am feeling stressed or angry," he added. "I have never actually been able to talk to him - it is just as though there is an image of him in the room."