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Individuals need to experience PSI themselves for personal proof

Ronald Pearson (August, 2003)

Having been exposed to a scientific training I have been a sceptic for most of my life. However, efforts I made to resolve a cosmological puzzle led me to wonder about this. Then my wife spotted an advert for people to join a circle for psychic development. We joined and I went along feeling rather foolish since, on balance, I thought all I would be doing was witnessing some kind of group-generated delusion.

The very first meeting dissolved this fear. I will just recount one experience to show why proof needs personal involvement. The proof is not transmissible to others. After a few months the two organising mediums, man and wife, brought in a middle-aged lady who stood apart from our group. We were told the reason for her presence would be disclosed later, but first we would enter the usual group meditation procedure. I was unable to relax since I was suffering pain from a crick in the neck. It was very painful and I could not understand how this had happened. I was glad when the meditation was over. Then Barbara, the medium who was the main organiser, brought the circle back to attention. We were to recount all we had picked up. This week was disappointing because nobody had much to tell. When it came to my turn I said, with my neck still giving me jip, that I had seen nothing (as usual).

Then at the end Barbara asked the visitor to say why she was here. "I am very disappointed that so little has emerged", she said, "I was hoping for something from my brother who was killed last week on his motor bike. He broke his neck". I nearly jumped out of my seat exclaiming, "My neck pain's gone!" "What neck pain?", said Victor, the other medium. "I've had a terrible crick in my neck all evening and it just suddenly vanished when she said her brother's neck was broken". "You pillock! You said you picked nothing up" "I did not realise it was psychically induced until now. I thought it was real."

This constitutes personal proof, but if I recount it to a sceptic and especially an obscurant, it is no proof to them. The answer will be something like, "Any fool can make up a story like that", emphasised with derisive laughter. But I guarantee that anybody who wishes will get direct personal proof if they really go into this area of physics and test it for themselves. And now I come to the point of this preamble. It gave confidence that the mediums were genuine and that psi effects could not be discarded as fraud or delusion.

Why SETI will never succeed

At a late stage and at my request, we carried out an experiment to measure the speed of telepathic thought propagation. I was expecting a finite value, possibly many times the speed of light. Victor was a trance medium, something rather special, and his guide was his uncle who had been a docker in Bristol. He had told us previously that he could be in several places at the same time and this had given me an idea. If he could put two of himself at widely separated points, such as one here and the other on the moon, then we could time an echo. When I said "Go" and started a stopwatch he could repeat "Go" when the word came back.

The guide had agreed to this, but said telepathy would take no time. It would take 2.5 seconds for light to bounce back from the moon but no time lag was detectable. It was therefore necessary to try the planet Mars.

Now we come to the interesting bit. The guide said he knew nothing about astronomy since it had never been of interest to him. The only way he could help was if we could give him a very accurate description of what it was like. "I have to visualise it and think hard and then I will be there." So we tried each planet in turn and at each the guide gave us a graphic description of what he could see and experience. Then when I was satisfied we had the right place we did the test. Each time the echo was immediate until we got to Pluto. Then I recorded about half a second. But now Vic's voice was changing and it was clear he was coming out of trance. This last trial had therefore to be discarded.

About six years later I tried the same thing with a different medium at a "Mensa at Malvern" conference in 1997. This time we went out to the stars. Again the echo was immediate, so confirming the previous result. So telepathy takes no time at all!

The point of all this is that SETI has not returned a single result after many years of effort and despite $millions in funding. It is never likely to succeed! If advanced intelligences live on planets orbiting other stars, they will not be using radio to contact us when a different channel, offering immediate access, is already available. If they used radio they would need to wait decades for a reply.

An instant medium for communication evidently exists and can be used if only astronomers would accept the reality of the "paranormal". At present the whole spectrum of scientific disciplines simply refuses to accept this reality, and instead makes great effort to discredit its very existence. All that astronomers need do is find a good trance medium and devise a way of describing a target star to the guide. Then a close inspection of any planets can be given.

"Survival Physics"

Not all scientists dispute that the so-called "paranormal" can be real and some have attempted scientific explanations. Professors Archie Roy and David Fontana, for example, propose that effects "outside space and time" cause psi phenomena. This then leaves all science untouched but makes no effort to explain anything.

One quantum physicist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered more of an explanation for the survival of consciousness and telepathy inclusive of mediumship.

Quantum theory applies to the minute scale of the atom and here everything acts as if controlled by wave patterns, like the ripples in a pond made when several pebbles are thrown in. These "wave functions", as they are called, are not real waves but are more like abstract numbers. He thinks consciousness could be the quantum wave itself. It interacts with the human nervous system to create a copy in space. At death, the coupling is gone but quantum waves are defined across all space and time. They don't go away, they just continue to change. Further, the illusion of location comes from the physical. Because the quantum wave exists across all space, telepathy would be instantaneous. All that matters is the rapport level of the two individuals communicating

This is more detailed, but is clearly incomplete. What makes these quantum waves? If they are all number-like then some intelligence must be organising them and needs a power source for operation. Quantum theory seemed to suggest our universe to be a deliberate contrivance by an even deeper level of reality Furthermore the existing big bang, part of quantum theory, makes a hopelessly wrong prediction. It arises because theorists can find no way to switch off the creative explosion they have postulated.

My own research was aimed at finding how the waves could arise, leaving quantum theory unaltered, and to solve the big bang problem. A theory for the immortality of consciousness emerged as a by-product, together with an explanation for almost the entire spectrum of the paranormal. This meant that, instead of appearing as a threat to be discredited, it was paranormal no longer. It could now be regarded as an essential part of physics. It began by proposing that at a base level of reality minute particles called "primaries" existed out of which all else was made. They existed made from two opposite and complementary kinds of energy. When opposite kinds collided the maths, based on the way we observe energy to behave, showed them to breed, causing an initial explosive creation. But then mutual annihilation set in to cancel most of this creation, though it still continued unabated. This left an ever-accelerating expansion fitting astronomical observation. The problem of the big bang theory seemed to have been solved!

The annihilation process resulted in the formation of a tangled three-dimensional web of filaments of incredibly fine spacing. This generated the required power source. It was inferred that the web might evolve a background consciousness able to create universes out of itself. It had to do so by generating organised wave patterns.

Our minds inhabit matter for a short time but then remain as part of the background intelligence. In this way the organising force could have arisen from the void without a pre-existing God. If the theory holds up it promises to give an answer to the conundrum of how such a complicated existence as our universe could have created itself.

Of course it cannot be proved that energy behaves the same way at this ultimate background level as at the level we observe. However, the theory does show that psi effects cannot be excluded from scientific explanation.

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