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Discoveries in Physics Prove we Possess a Soul

by Michael Roll

At last retired professors of physics are rebelling against the false model of the universe that orthodox scientific thinking is locked into.

Thanks mainly to the uncensored Internet millions are finding out that Wolfgang Pauli, the great pioneer of subatomic physics, immediately connected this exciting scientific discipline with so-called paranormal phenomena. This important fact has been censored by the powerful materialists who control what information is allowed to be presented in scientific papers and magazines.

The bigotry of mainstream scientific thinking was exposed by Robert Matthews, the science correspondent of the Telegraph Group, on the BBC 2 'Counterblast' programme - 22nd April 1998. It showed Professor Peter Atkins, of the department of chemistry at Oxford University, openly admitting that he is a "bigot" and that his mind is totally closed towards anything connected with the paranormal. This included the relatively harmless mind reading experiments being carried out by Professor Robert Morris who holds the Arthur Koestler Chair at Edinburgh University. Morris has incurred the wrath of his fellow "scientists" for even making an effort to look into this taboo subject. The word loony was even used!

Goodness knows what would happen if Morris did the same as Sir William Crookes FRS, The President of the Royal Society, and the 1917 Nobel Laureate for Medical Science, Professor Charles Richet: actually prove survival after death by working with a materialisation medium. This would send all the scientific establishment in Great Britain into orbit.

Robert Matthew's programme showed that only those who are outside of the university system can actually carry out any serious scientific experiments proving that the mind separates from the brain at death. Now we can understand why Ronald Pearson's discovery of the ether has been censored in his own country. Thankfully his revolutionary discovery in subatomic physics has been peer-refereed and published by Russian and American physicists - 'Quantum Gravitation and the Structured Ether' by the Russian Academy of Sciences and 'Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomenon' by the Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University, Philadelphia. It is interesting to note that these papers have been officially censored by the editors of the journal of the Society for Psychical Research and the Journal of Consciousness Studies in Britain.

Ronald Pearson's work is the missing mathematical back up for the experiments of Crookes and Richet where deceased people came back to earth proving they had survived death. Here we are talking about repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions.

The purpose of this short article is only to show students where to look in order to obtain the scientific proof of survival after death. It will of course be censored from all large circulation papers and magazines. Thomas Paine, who was wanted dead or alive in Great Britain in the 1790's, sums up exactly what we are up against as we try to crash through the establishment barriers in order to just present the scientific case for a separate mind and brain:

"You will do me justice to remember that I have always strenuously supported the right of every man to his own opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine. He who denies to another this right, makes a slave to himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it. The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is reason. I have never used any other and trust I never shall."


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This article is censored from all large-circulation papers and magazines throughout the world because it links the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

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