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Genuine Goodness is Threatening to Those at the Opposite End of the Moral Spectrum

by Michael Roll

These are the words of Earl Spencer at the funeral of his sister the Princess of Wales. He electrified the nation by simply telling the truth. The reaction to the death of the Princess of Wales gave a dramatic example of what can happen when public opinion is mobilised. Just imagine what is going to happen to the professional obscurants when people eventually find out just how badly they are being deceived by pseudo-scientists, and their allies, masquerading as experts on the subject of so-called paranormal phenomena.

The truth always strikes home like a deadly arrow. This is the reason why we hardly ever hear it spoken on radio and television or see it published in papers and magazines that are read by millions. Now and again a television programme like Kenneth Griffith's documentary on Thomas Paine creeps past the censors, but all repeats are banned in the "free" country of Great Britain! A country without a written constitution to protect its citizens, and where the Church and the State are still established. The masses are fed a controlled diet of harmless soap operas, sport and censored "factual" programmes. For example, apart from a handful of journalists like Polly Toynbee, and scientists like Professor Richard Dawkins, most people on all mass media outlets are Christians working for paymasters who are Christians. This in spite of the fact that 95% of the population no longer grovel before priests.

Even as long ago as 1871 orthodox scientific teaching had completely eliminated any thought of survival after death or a separate mind and brain. Therefore Sir William Crookes' experimental discovery of the "psychic" force threw a very large spanner into the works of scientific teaching across every discipline.

On Sunday August 24th 1997 we had a first class example of how those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum have almost total control of television programmes about life after death. This Equinox programme on Channel 4 was just about the ultimate when it comes to distorting the truth, and making sure millions never find out that recent discoveries in subatomic physics can now give a rational explanation for "dead" people coming back to Earth and proving they have survived death. Dr. Goebbels himself would have been proud of the propagandists who took part in this hatchet job on the good scientists who had the courage to support nature's interpreters between our world and the next - mediums.

Millions watched the outrageous recreation of how the French Nobel Laureate for Medical Science, Professor Charles Richet, was fooled by a bouncing ball in a darkened room. What really hurts is that qualified scientists who support Richet are banned by the powerful media moguls from giving a balance. This nonsense could have been destroyed immediately by letting the viewers know that Richet's book is called 'Thirty Years of Psychical Research' not 'Five Minutes in a Blacked Out Room'!

The next distortion of the truth that we had to put up with was in the first episode of 'Professor Stephen Hawking's Universe' on BBC 2 Television. I could hardly believe what I was hearing when this programme credited a Roman Catholic priest called Copernicus (AD 1543) as the first man to say we are on a planet that circles the sun! For goodness sake, the word planet is a Greek word. If Hawking, who worships in an Anglo-Catholic Church, bothers to look in the Encyclopaedia Britannica under Aristarchus of Samos (270 BC) he will find that Copernicus pinched the discovery of this great Greek scientist for himself. These Christians do not want people to find out that important things happened before the birth of their baby god.

Hawking openly boasts that the Pope has given him a medal for his work on the Big Bang theory for the beginning of the universe, a controversial idea that originated from "scientists" within the Vatican. The Pope said to Professor Stephen Hawking,

"I do not care what you do in science just as long as you never encroach on my subject - life after death."

All priests know they will be made redundant immediately millions find out that we all survive death without their help.

Thankfully many people are not being fooled by Hawking's propaganda, because they have read Carl Sagan's best selling book 'Cosmos', and also seen his thirteen part TV series where he correctly credits the brilliant Greek scientists with many of the outstanding pioneering discoveries in science long before the Vatican was invented.