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By Michael Roll (May, 2001)

Ten years ago David Icke was a television personality who was continually being beamed into the homes of millions of people in the UK. Then he came across the censored, secular scientific case for survival after death - the work of our pioneers of radio and television, now backed up with recent discoveries in subatomic physics proving that reality also exists beyond our five physical senses. This is happening all the time to many famous people like David Icke, and they quickly find out how dangerous this knowledge is. They are then left with a very simple choice:


Keep very quiet and carry on being a famous personality.


Tell the truth and ruin their careers.

David Icke chose the latter. He was on a hiding to nothing right from the start because it is a known fact that the public take far more notice of a famous personality than they do of a university professor whom they have never heard of. Therefore David was a threat to the powerful establishment forces that have a great deal to lose from the truth. This is not a secret conspiracy to deceive the people, it is very open for every person to check out for themselves.

The whole of scientific teaching across every discipline, including psychology and philosophy, is locked into death being the end of everything - the mind dying with the brain. Any scientist who challenges this is immediately destroyed by their peers. These orthodox scientists have as allies their sworn enemies, the professional priests from all religions. The priests are fighting to keep their monopoly on the lucrative life after death industry. This is a mighty powerful block fighting for their very existence against uncomfortable discoveries in physics that make a complete nonsense of their lifetimes work, but most of all, it will affect the money that they can rake in.

David Icke ran head on into this lot without any training whatsoever in how to defend himself. The rest is history with the infamous appearance on the Terry Wogan Show. Wogan, who was brought up a Roman Catholic, was out to destroy David and everything he stood for. It's the old story, David had sat with a medium who was linked up to the usual patronising rubbish coming through from the religious etheric wavelengths. You know the sort of stuff:

"My child, you are the son of God, we are all sons of god."

With careful editing the Wogan Show made David Icke out to be completely bonkers, that he was claiming to be the only son of God! They cut the bit out about us all being the sons and daughters of God.

D-Day May 6, 2001

This is the day that David Icke was destroyed on television for the second time. At our peril we all fail to learn from this destruction of a good man whose only "crime" was to try and tell the truth. David has broken the golden rule when starting to make a study of life after death. This is to be terribly careful of what comes through mediums from the etheric wavelengths. Once mediums step away from their sublime work of putting grieving people in touch with their "dead" loved ones, watch out!

The people in the "next world" are exactly the same as they were on Earth. We are all very careful of who we mix with on Earth and we have to be even more careful of who we attract from the etheric world. As we think and behave, so we attract. In other words keep out of the Psychic Jungle. It's like a spider's web and just as effective. Once a seeker after knowledge wanders into this jungle it is almost impossible to escape. The only danger is not to recognise that it exists. If anything coming via mediumship offends your reason or insults your intelligence then for goodness sake reject it. If you run with a supernatural ball you will be destroyed. As the philosopher Arthur Findlay says:

"If you can't be bothered to make the enquiry then listen to those of us who have."

Visit my website: This is not my work, it is the suppressed work of the greatest scientists and philosophers this world has ever produced. Once seekers start from this rational scientific base they will be protected from getting lost in the Psychic Jungle. People will be in no danger of getting mixed up with blood-sucking lizards! David Icke is speaking from the Psychic Jungle and is no longer a danger to those who will be ruined by public opinion when the truth of survival eventually reaches millions. David has even been persuaded to attack the British Royal Family who are on our side. The Prince of Wales is reading the scientific work of Arthur Koestler 'The Roots of Coincidence'. The Princess of Wales went to see a medium just before she was killed. The Queen Mother has had the benefit of the vast experience passed onto her from Queen Victoria. The old Queen was in daily contact with her "dead" husband via the mediumship of her servant John Brown.

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